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Ad Tech Is An Opportunity for Agencies…If They Move Fast Enough

Last week, Ad Age published a guest column by Bob Ray, “Ad Tech Isn’t a Threat to Agencies, It’s an Opportunity.” While I agree with this title and most of the article’s content, I have to ask, “What took you [the agency industry] so long?!”  It’s hard to avoid the notion that ad tech is… read more >

The Consumerization Of Agency Services

For many marketing executives in the mid-market, digital disruption is the “Justin Bieber” of business: popular enough that they have to pay attention – but annoying enough that they wish they didn’t have to. One CMO at a large publishing company told me recently, “I know we’re supposed to innovate and create this technology-driven change,… read more >

Will you survive Business 2020? And can the enterprise strike back?

For some people (including, often, me), the year 2020 still represents a remote, science-fiction future, with flying cars, space colonies, and robotic cops. But of course, 2020 is now barely five years away. It is closer to us today than the introduction of the web-enabled smartphone. Extraordinary – and at one time unimaginable – transformations… read more >

Market Basket shows the staying power of “analog” customer experience

Living in greater Boston, I have a pretty decent choice of supermarkets along the price spectrum. At the higher end there is, of course, Whole Foods, the destination for products such as organic quinoa and $20 per pound imported specialty cheeses. In the middle are the chains such as Stop and Shop and Trader Joe’s,… read more >


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