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Digital Transformation: It’s even coming for our groceries

Last week at the GDS eCommerce Insight Executive Summit at the Château Élan in Atlanta, I spoke about eCommerce’s ongoing and pivotal role in digital transformation during my presentation. The audience was packed with executives from easily recognized, Fortune 500 brands in retail and finance who were there specifically looking for solutions and strategies to… read more >

Seven Lessons Learned for Successful Content Management System Implementations

Selecting the right CMS by using known best practices is a great way to start your organization’s journey on the road to success. But it’s only half the battle; next comes the hard part, which is to complete a successful CMS implementation using the lessons learned from organizations that have already gone through the process…. read more >

Connect Customers and Prospects to Revenue With Product Content

This post is about two of my favorite topics: money and product content. Specifically, it’s about how an organization can make more money by leveraging product content to engage prospects and customers. If you think that product specifications, technical documentation, how-to-install and -use videos, even product packaging are only for post-sales customer support, well, it’s… read more >

The Next Wave of Ecommerce Platforms: Tackling the Omnichannel Challenge

In the last ten to fifteen years, there have been two primary ways in which ecommerce platform vendors have segmented their target customers and differentiated from each other: Customer size: small (mom and pop shops selling under $10 million), mid-market (anywhere from $10 million to $500 million in revenue), or enterprise (usually $1 billion and above). Customer business… read more >

Five Crucial Lessons Learned in Content Management System Selections

Let’s say you are in marketing or IT and have just been handed a new project to select a content management solution (CMS) for the organization. As your boss describes the project, it sounds more complicated by the minute. Your mind is racing to identify any trust-worthy information sources that would help and/or well-qualified advisors… read more >

CEM success starts with employees

Customer experience management (CEM) is quickly becoming a primary focus for companies looking to garner, gain, and keep market share. What many of these organizations are missing is the value of beginning their CEM strategy at home, with their employees. Research from Aon Hewitt suggests that employee engagement levels and employee perceptions of their overall… read more >

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