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Podcast: Four Bad Reasons to Ignore The GDPR

On this episode of the Just Clarity podcast Tim Walters and Jake DiMare unpacks four bad reasons to ignore the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Digital Clarity for Higher Ed

Digital is no stroll through the campus When it comes to building a thriving digital practice, higher ed faces unique and compelling challenges. Colleges and universities must serve highly diverse audience segments with distinct goals. Mapping the journey for prospective students is incredibly complicated and includes one of the biggest decisions and commitments most individuals… read more >

Help us Improve with the 2016 Analyst Value Survey

Digital Clarity Group is in the business of answering questions about digital strategy, planning, technology selection, and service provider partnerships. Our clients leverage the information we provide to make big decisions about the people, process, and technology that support customer experience management, digital transformation, eCommerce, and business process management.   We have questions, too, about… read more >

Product Content Is Key To Competing With Amazon

As the 2016 holiday season approaches, the usual hype and headlines about how massive Amazon is are surely causing the usual heightened anxiety amongst its competitors. In a post a few months ago looking at the latest online retail stats for the U.S., I noted how retailers, especially those with physical stores that have roots in the pre-online… read more >

Headless CMS – just a fad?

As advisors to enterprise buyers of technology and services you might think we answer the same questions time and time again. But every so often something new arises in the discussions. Meme-like, this topic suddenly seems to pop up in every customer conversation. A few years ago it was the question of going to the… read more >

Is Digital Disrupting Madison Avenue?

Welcome to Just Clarity, a periodic podcast about Digital. Just Clarity is produced by the team at Digital Clarity Group. We help leaders transform the experience they deliver to customers, prospects, and their employees through the effective selection, integration, and adoption of customer experience management technology. Learn more at In this week’s episode, we… read more >

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Digital Clarity Group is an analyst and consulting firm focused on the content, technologies, and practices that drive world-class customer experience. Global organizations depend on DCG's insight, reports, and consulting services to help them turn digital disruption into digital advantage.
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