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DCG Podcasts: Experiences, the 7th era of marketing

    April 2015 – Connie Moore and Robert Rose discuss better practices of the 7th era of marketing – Experiences. Listen in as the DCG analysts discuss where marketing has been, where it’s going, and how you can benefit from staying ahead of the curve.            

Welcome Stowe Boyd!

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from an old friend and colleague. Stowe Boyd was on the line. It’s amazing how quickly we managed to cover a decade’s worth of news and updates within a few minutes. To say I was pleased to hear from Stowe is a huge understatement. Stowe is… read more >

Requirements Gathering: A critical part of the technology selection journey

So you have confirmed that indeed, your organization is in need of a new technology solution. Perhaps it’s a content management system (CMS), a marketing automation platform (MAP), a digital asset management (DAM) tool, or perhaps a combination of solutions. Whatever the technology, the prudent next step is to start talking to others in your… read more >

DCG Podcasts: Requirements Gathering for a Technology Selection

April 2015 – Connie Moore and Cathy McKnight discuss the importance of requirements gathering in a technology selection project, and provide some pointers and great advice for gathering and prioritizing requirements for a technology selection.  


About DCG

Digital Clarity Group is an analyst and consulting firm focused on the content, technologies, and practices that drive world-class customer experience. Global organizations depend on DCG's insight, reports, and consulting services to help them turn digital disruption into digital advantage.
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The IIAR New Analyst Firm of the Year 2014

"Digital Clarity is composed of smart, free-thinking and experienced analysts who follow their gut and provide tailored guidance."

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"Digital Clarity Group has made a huge impact in a small amount of time because of the very high value it is delivering."

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