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Customer Care versus CRM: Don’t Stay Stuck in the Past

The word “customer” in customer experience management reminds us that delivering great experience during the post-sales stage of the relationship is essential to creating loyalty and advocacy. But engaging customers (versus prospects) requires so much more than implementing a customer relationship management system for storing information, as my colleague DCG Principal Analyst Johan Jacobs points… read more >

E-commerce Companies Need To Help Resolve Last Mile Delivery Problems

With the holiday season comes the flurry of headlines about e-commerce records being smashed, as more consumers around the world turn to online shopping. Currently, just 6% of retail on average is conducted online, and even in the more advanced e-commerce markets that ratio is still in the 10-15% range. That’s a lot of room… read more >

Chief Data Officer: Yet Another Role For The CIO?

The future of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within enterprises undergoing digital disruption has been a hot discussion topic for several years.  Some of the questions that regularly surface and get debated in these discussions—both pro and con—include: As cloud and outsourcing continue to grow at a fast clip, and fewer in-house resources are needed… read more >

E-Commerce Round-Up: October 2015

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the e-commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean. This month’s Round-Up covers SingPost’s ambitions to become a cross-border e-commerce leader, IKEA’s e-commerce catch-up plans, and the growing problem of e-commerce package delivery for multi tenant-building owners and employees. SingPost’s cross-border… read more >

Are You Ready to Roar Like a CEM Lion?

Organizations today face an all-too-common digital challenge: trying to provide great experiences that delight a customer and bring him or her back for more. At the same time, customer expectations are sky high, whether your organization is an SMB or large enterprise, whether you’re in regulated industries or services, or even whether you’re in the… read more >

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