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Digital Clarity Group Research Shows Higher Education Institutions At Risk with Slow Shift to Customer Experience Management

April 28, 2016, New York – Digital Clarity Group (DCG), the award-winning research and advisory firm focused on customer experience management (CEM), today released new insights on the state of digital engagement in higher education. The analysis, based on original research conducted by DCG, has been published in a new report entitled Digital Transformation in… read more >

Turning your intranet outside-in

Intranets have evolved well beyond the news and human resource repositories they once were. Today’s internal online resource – whether you call it an intranet, digital workspace, portal – need to integrate social and collaborative elements, not just push out corporate news stories and links to the latest all-employee-webinar. Social has become the way we… read more >

DCG Podcasts: Successful Intranet Must-haves

How can you create an intranet that employees want to use? What are the essential components of an engaging intranet? How important is the ability to reach out to other colleagues through corporate intranet? Who is best placed to take ownership of the intranet today – HR, Corporate Communications, or IT? Should intranet be managed… read more >

New Research: From Web Publishing to Experience Management in Higher Education

Introducing a new DCG research study, “Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving in the Era of Experience Management.” When you think of today’s most fickle consumers, who comes to mind? The answer should be everyone. 89% of consumers report that they have switched their business to a competitor… read more >

Digital Asset Management Round-up, April 2016

Digital Clarity Group’s DAM round-up condenses and consolidates some of the digital asset management industry’s most topical news and happenings from the past couple of months.  This edition’s round-up covers how artificial intelligence is making DAM better, the massive projected growth of the DAM market by 2020, and this year’s CODiE award finalists in DAM…. read more >

DCG Podcasts: The Role of Digital Asset Management

What is Digital Asset Management? With so many participants and stakeholders, what kind of processes make DAM effective? Are WCM and DAM technologies merging together? How strategic is DAM to marketing departments and organizations at large? What does the future hold for DAM? Listen to these and other questions answered by Cathy McKnight, VP of… read more >

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