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Content And Commerce Fuels Unilever’s Buy of Dollar Shave Club

Can a start-up that sells razor blades online be worth $1 billion? Unilever believes so. Last week, the consumer products goods (CPG) behemoth Unilever purchased company Dollar Shave Club (DSC) for that amount. What it got in return is a prototype for great content and commerce integration. While at first glance this may seem another example of an established… read more >

Voice is Dead. Long live Non-Voice.

Since 2010 the sale of voice-related technology for the contact center has seen a steady decline. This has forced the contact center and voice vendors such as Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, Cisco, Nuance, Genesys and others to explore different growth strategies in order to keep shareholders happy. The typical choices these vendors made was to start… read more >

PODCAST: Thoughts on the Salesforce acquisition of Demandware

In this episode of Just Clarity, Digital Clarity Group’s Jill Finger-Gibson and Jake DiMare discuss the Salesforce acquisition of Demandware.

Use Entity Modeling to Streamline Business Process Design and Development

Over the past 10-15 years, organizations have made great strides in business process improvement by adopting business process management (BPM) suites as part of business transformation efforts. Why the great improvement? It’s because BPM suites separate business and process rules from the application code, making it easier and faster for business analysts and developers to… read more >

Customer journeys are the key to CEM

Do you know your customers? Do you know what they want, or can you anticipate the information they are trying to seek out? Of course, the answer to this question should be a resounding “yes” but often, organizations respond with a lackluster “I don’t know” instead. The consequences for your brand and organization? Abysmal. Digital… read more >

OpenText: Tackling the biggest of channel challenges

This year the OpenText World event was held in Nashville, TN and visiting Music City gave Cathy McKnight and I the chance to directly take the pulse of the firms’ senior executives, partners and customers. Though there were product and roadmap announcements galore, most notably the daring announcement that the firm plans to challenge IBM… read more >

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