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OpenText, Demandware, and are all on a buyer’s shortlist. What are they buying?

Give up? Yeah, me too. We’ve been known to critique technology rankings such as the Wave and Magic Quadrant here at DCG, since we don’t think they provide much actionable insight, and we usually add a little color commentary to spice things up. However, in the case of Forrester’s new Digital Experience Delivery [DEaD?] Platforms Wave, I… read more >

Is Jill Lepore’s critique of disruption theory really “a criminal act of dishonesty”?

The Annals of Disruption Denial, Part 1 The uproar has died down. Twitter searches for “Lepore” are again dominated by the antics of the one named Chris, the “Vine celebrity” and recently convicted felon. But the one named Jill (no relation, and she doesn’t even appear to have a Twitter account, so you can forget… read more >

The Unspoken Truth about Social Media Engagement Strategies

Looking to reach and influence customers through social media? Just be sure your mission aligns with reality first. A recent Wall Street Journal article, “Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype” finally laid bare what I’ve been preaching for a while:  social media marketing should not be a numbers game; it should… read more >

Information Governance Is

Over the last few weeks some pretty bright minds have been talking / writing about what Information Governance (IG) is and isn’t. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the restraint to stay out of it. To get some of the background of what’s been going on, read a few posts from these guys (I don’t always agree… read more >


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