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Agencies Are Losing The Content Marketing Revolution

I’m hot off of perhaps the busiest four weeks of my career – traveling to a dozen cities, across three continents and speaking at no less than half a dozen conferences. The events ranged from traditional content management meetups such as the Intelligent Content Conference in San Jose, to big agency focused events such as… read more >

The Peet’s – Razorfish Deal is the Future of CEM Partner Strategy

Although you might have heard about it on April 1, it’s no joke. As reported in this AdAge article, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Razorfish have inked a deal whereby the agency’s compensation for services is entirely determined by the fate of Peet’s e-commerce profits. It’s a brave move by both companies, and it may… read more >

Thinking Out Loud – Knowledge Management

Warning: I sometimes often like to use anecdotes from my experiences to illustrate my points. Note: E-discovery refers to the tools and practices used to automate the review of electronic content for relevance in legal proceedings. This overly simplified definition will be relevant later in this post. Knowledge Management is defined as [insert your definition… read more >

Where CEM and Information Governance Meet

Other than as a customer, I’m pretty new to the Customer Experience Management space. I did write a blog post about it some time ago, so I kinda, sorta, almost know what I’m talking about; feel free to read it if you wish. What I do have some mileage in is Information Management and Governance… read more >

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