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The next big thing in global ecommerce: Uber

It’s the end of a long workday, and you have a package that needs to get to your client in another city by tomorrow morning. There’s a Fedex box in the lobby of your office building, but you’ve already missed the pick-up window deadline of 6 p.m. It’s too bulky for a bike messenger, and… read more >

Content Management Systems: You Definitely Don’t Want to be in This 40%

This year I’ve interviewed more than forty companies about their customer experience management (CEM) strategies and how content management systems (CMS) fit into the CEM technology mix. A truism has surfaced that remains constant no matter how many organizations I interview—roughly 35-40% of the CMS selection projects fail. That is an astounding number and it… read more >

DCG Podcasts: Digital Transformation

April 2015 – The empowered consumer of today wants more than offers; they want a satisfying experience. Because of this shift in buyer behavior and many other disruptive changes, most organizations are or should be embarking on projects to transform the marketing organization and/or transform the customer’s digital experiences. But in some industries undergoing massive change,… read more >

Analytics: your challenge, should you choose to accept it

A couple of months ago I took on a new challenge. It all started when I was invited to write an article for the folks who just launched, which focuses on real time technologies. When we went over the list of topics, my ears perked up at their mention of “analytics.”  Interesting. After all,… read more >

Appian’s BPM Software Vision – Crazy Like A Fox

This week I’m attending Appian World in Washington DC. It’s always been an interesting conference for showcasing thought leadership in BPM technology and providing thought-provoking customer presentations. For example, Appian is probably the first BPM software vendor to demonstrate an integration with the Apple Watch. At the 2015 event there’s been a strong focus on… read more >

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