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In 2013, I wish…

I recently participated in a great idea that the good folks over at CMS Wire are running with: they’ve reached out to dozens of folks in the content management industry and have asked them to provide a few sentences about what they wish for the industry in 2013. They are posting one wish per day throughout the holiday season. I may have gone a bit overboard, and gave them not one wish, but five. Ah well, that’s pretty typical for me. Either way, I’ve got a great bit of back-channel response from the post, so I figured I’d re-post it.

Keep in mind, these are not predictions, just wishes! Enjoy…

In 2013, I wish

  • Organizations would put technology of all types, especially content management, into its proper context — It’s neither the reason for success nor the reason for failure.
  • B2B businesses would take their digital customer experience strategies as seriously as if they were B2C. After all, a ‘B’ is just a whole lot of ‘C’s.
  • Enterprise technology buyers would realize they need to treat prospective vendors as partners right from the start. Be a good partner to get a good partner.
  • Technology vendors would throw away their sales scripts and respond to each prospect according to their unique circumstances and requirements.
  • Organizations would realize that a feature/function list does not allow for product differentiation and cannot be used as the basis for a proper technology selection.


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