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Marianne Kay


Research areas

  • Web Governance and Digital Quality Management
  • Digital Transformation in Higher Ed
  • Web CMS Evaluation & Selection
  • Digital Agency selection
  • Stakeholder management



Marianne is a Content Management Strategist, Analyst and Consultant helping large organizations choose the right Content Management System for their needs and live with their choice happily ever after.

Her knowledge of the industry is based on 7 years experience as an in-house CMS expert in a large financial services organization, plus 5 years experience in a digital marketing agency environment. She speaks at industry events and conferences on subjects such as Web Content Management, Digital Agency selection, RFP process and Web Design.

Marianne lives with her family in Yorkshire, in the UK. She enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children, playing tennis for the local tennis club and cycling alongside Leeds-Liverpool canal.

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