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From Projects to Solutions: Accelerating Web Development for Customer Experience

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Over the last decade, leading web content management systems have evolved from a standalone application for managing the information on one or more websites to a vital component at the core of most firms’ customer experience management ecosystems. This transition reflects, and is fueled by, the increasing desire of consumers for seamless, holistic experiences across channels and touch points.

However, this evolution in the capabilities and breadth of web content management software has not been accompanied by an equivalent shift in how firms and their web development partners plan for, implement, and operate customer experience initiatives. Often, the approach is fragmented and thus ignores the holistic customer experience. Moreover, service provider partners are often employed only for the build phase of a project, further hindering coordination across multiple customer interactions.

The result is a gap between how firms produce customer experiences and how customers experience them – between, that is, isolated projects and integrated solutions. In this report, we analyze the origins and effects of this gap and show how and why service providers should drive the shift to customer-centric solutions by deploying development practices and technologies that accelerate the build phase, deliver and sustain more business value, and better serve customer expectations.

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