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Alibaba’s $9.34 billion day: implications for cross-border e-commerce

Guess which of the following is the biggest online shopping day of the year worldwide? Black Friday Cyber Monday Valentine’s Day Boxing Day Veterans Day/Remembrance Day If you guessed anything but 5, you would be wrong. That’s right, November 11th, known in many North American and European countries as a day to honor veterans, is… read more >

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Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Maturity Roadmap and Partner Selection Guide

Getting the customer experience right for crossborder e-commerce is the next challenge for retailers. How the customers engage with the retailer — if they can do it via an elegant and user-friendly web interface, conduct transactions in their own language, pay the way they want to, and get the goods they want in compliance with… read more >


DCG Podcasts: Insights about Publicis’ Acquisition of Sapient

At $3.7 billion in cash, Publicis’ recent acquisition of Sapient is not just another holding company buying yet another digital agency. For one, Publicis is changing its name to Publicis.Sapient and betting big that the capabilities Sapient will bring to its network will help the holding company to take a great leap forward in digital,… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Market Basket shows the staying power of “analog” customer experience

Living in greater Boston, I have a pretty decent choice of supermarkets along the price spectrum. At the higher end there is, of course, Whole Foods, the destination for products such as organic quinoa and $20 per pound imported specialty cheeses. In the middle are the chains such as Stop and Shop and Trader Joe’s,… read more >

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Chris Walker and Robert Rose debate: What exactly is a great customer experience?

Before industry analysts present their latest research to the public, they often chew over potential topics amongst themselves. And if they are located in different countries, that dialogue tends to take place over email. We thought we’d try an experiment and “liberate” one of those dialogues on this blog. A few weeks ago two Digital… read more >

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Beyond Quadrants and Waves: Assessing Service Provider Approaches to Customer Experience

At Digital Clarity Group, we are often asked whether we compare the companies we cover against each other, using ratings, rankings, or other comparison measures. When we answer “absolutely not,” reactions tend to range from relief to head-shaking disappointment, sometimes paradoxically within the same person. This goes to show how immensely powerful such ratings have… read more >


Service Provider Consolidation in 2014: It’s Happening, So Get Ready

Microsoft has an eye-popping $1.3 billion marketing budget, according to a recent AdAge article, and is now undergoing a strategic review of its agency relationships. The article noted that incumbents that will be vying for this business include Publicis (who in turn recently announced a merger with rival Omnicom), WPP, and Interpublic. One can only… read more >


The Role of C-Suite Diplomacy in the CMO-CIO Debate

If you follow the issues of the day in the customer experience management (CEM) arena, you are undoubtedly familiar with the theme of the CMO-CIO relationship, or the lack thereof. Those who hold those titles, depending on what you read, are; putting the customer at the center of everything, or dead, or gaining in budget influence, or disconnected from each… read more >


O Partner Where Art Thou?

I’m a big Coen brothers fan, so I was pleased to see an interview with the filmmakers in a recent New York Times article. I love that these very un-Hollywoody guys from Minnesota have figured out how to make successful Hollywood films about unique characters that are so well-scripted and filmed. I also love that… read more >

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