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Worried About the GDPR? Grab Our Executive FAQ

What was your company’s global gross revenue last year? Now calculate 4% of that total. The result is the amount you can be fined by European Union data protection authorities for non-compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), based on 2015 revenue. Some random examples of an approximate 4% fine on 2015 global… read more >

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The Meaning and Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation

An Executive FAQ on the General Data Protection Regulation The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will substantially impact any company that sells to EU residents, or “monitors” the behavior of EU residents. Compliance will require significant changes in how companies collect, store, process, share, and transfer personal data. Failure to comply carries very… read more >


New Ad Coalition Won’t Dent Ad Blockers — And They Know It

Will the new “Coalition for Better Ads” lead to, well, better ads, and encourage people to turn off ad blockers? The answer to the first question is a heavily qualified “maybe.” The answer to the second is . . . excuse me while I RO the F, LMAO. In other words, even if the effort does… read more >


Will the GDPR Be the Californication of Data Governance?

Business practices around personal data have already resulted in helmification. Will they now lead to Californication? Let me explain. Helmification is the regulation of a practice by governmental authorities, usually after the practitioners have proven incapable or unwilling to take care of issues themselves. Example: Motorcycle helmet laws — and the EU’s General Data Protection… read more >


Who Owns the Customer’s Experience? It’s Complicated

In a recent blog post, Doc Searls commented on an article about the ownership of customer experiences. Who Owns the Mobile Experience? is a report by Unlockd on mobile advertising in the U.K. To clarify the way toward an answer, the report adds, “mobile operators or advertisers?” The correct answer is neither. Nobody’s experience is “owned” by somebody… read more >


Privacy and Piracy: Who Owns Personal Data?

You wouldn’t steal personal data, would you? Remember the anti-piracy ads that ran in movie theaters and on DVDs ten years ago? The message was, in part: You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a television. Downloading pirated films is stealing. Piracy. It’s a crime. In those relatively early… read more >

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Get Ready for the New Personal Data Economy

Over the last ten years of big data excitement and hype the economics of the internet and of digital business have followed Tim O’Reilly’s simple dictum: “The guy with the most data wins.” This maxim has driven the decisions of the internet platform giants, fueled the explosive growth of a massive ad-tech ecosystem, and shaped… read more >

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Now is the Time to Prep for a Data-driven Holiday Retail Season

Please, retailers, enjoy the rest of the summer! Tan, grill, softball, camp out, and eat watermelon until you are bloated by the sheer pleasure of it all and can do no more than lay on a beach in the warm sunlight like a Twitter fail whale. Have a mid-day snooze if you like – it’s still… read more >

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Preparing for the Holiday Retail Season: The Amazon Threat and the Facebook Trap

Will it be “Ho, Ho, Ho” or “Oh, no, no” for retailers the 2016 holiday retail season? While holiday retail season is as important as ever – accounting for over 30% of annual revenue for some retailers – it’s getting ever harder to master, given the combination of budget constraints, tired infrastructures, changing consumer expectations,… read more >

Online privacy and GDPR

Progress on Privacy: Business Incentives and the GDPR

The Question Last year, a journalist asked me, “Why is respecting customer data privacy sound business policy?” My answer at the time: This is a matter of increasingly intense debate. Some claim that, in principle, more data means better services/improved customer experience. They argue that since consumers ultimately (or, what amounts to the same thing,… read more >

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