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Get Ready for the New Personal Data Economy

Over the last ten years of big data excitement and hype the economics of the internet and of digital business have followed Tim O’Reilly’s simple dictum: “The guy with the most data wins.” This maxim has driven the decisions of the internet platform giants, fueled the explosive growth of a massive ad-tech ecosystem, and shaped… read more >

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The Big Data Continuum: From Data Scientists to Empowered Business People

The amount of words that have been uttered and written about big data over the past four years is astounding. If big data hasn’t become a big topic in your organization, it will. And it’s probably sparked many conversations, even if the technology hasn’t arrived yet at your firm. At this point you may be… read more >

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Thinking Small. Bringing the Power of Big Data to the Masses.

Large organizations love the idea of big data, yet many companies lack a clear vision for rolling out big data analytics in practical, measured steps. In this report, we look at the business rationale for “thinking small” and define a playbook for creating small data applications. The report also examines the building blocks for distilling… read more >

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