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Social CRM

In search of real, practical Social CRM

The search for next big thing when it comes to Customer Relationship Management has been a long, strange trip for those of us who remember when Siebel was battling it out with Brock and Saratoga, and cloud computing was still a gleam in Eric Schmidt’s eye.  But here we are, a dozen years after the… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Welcome Allen Bonde and Hello Social CRM

This is a big week for DCG. Not only are we announcing the expansion of our coverage into Social CRM, but we are excited to announce that Allen Bonde has joined our firm as a Partner and Principal Analyst. Allen is a seasoned industry analyst and a well-reputed veteran in the world of CRM and… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Is a WCM game-changer brewing In Basel? (On the appification of applications)

Basel-based Magnolia CMS has many of the trappings of the typical small software vendor. Foosball table? Check. Team dinners at a long communal table? Check. Smart, hard-working co-founders who complete each other’s sentences and still radiate enthusiasm over a decade after the company’s launch? Jawohl! Design magazines in the WC But then, the Foosball table… read more >

ibmconnect2013 small

IBM Connect 2013

This year’s conference brought together IBM’s long-standing, 20th annual Lotusphere and its new Connect conferences into one, very large, event. The agenda boasted as many as 15 concurrent sessions within eight tracks and five session types in two venues that layered Lotusphere’s traditionally technical content with Connect’s customer experience stories of how IBM’s solutions drive… read more >


True CXM – Bigfoot, Unicorn, or Aliens?

Have you seen true digital CXM in the wild? And what I mean by that is – have you personally witnessed an organization deliver truly contextually relevant, customer-centric content across multiple digital channels, using both implicit and explicit attributes to target and deliver that content? I suspect you haven’t. I haven’t – and I cover this space… read more >

1_31_13 DCG Infl Str Decisions

Increasing strategic influence in IT

Everywhere you turn, you find people who are ready to give you the secret on how to be more “strategic” – or at least after you hire them or buy their books. However, despite all the amazing claims, I really don’t believe that IT influence depends on where you sit, who you report to, whether… read more >


Ubiquitous computing is coming to a forehead near you

The just concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and related recent announcements illustrate the speed and inevitability of the transition to ubiquitous computing and connectivity. As we noted in our DCG Insight paper on ubiquity and the mobile shift, ubiquity means more things become not only computerized but also connected to each other, to the cloud,… read more >


All content is now marketing – managing change better

Remember back in the day when a change to the legal terms of service of a popular online service really meant something meaningful?  No?  Yeah, I don’t either. Remember the introduction of Edgerank; Facebook’s new algorithm that filters your posts from most of your “network” unless they receive a high level of engagement? Remember how… read more >

Video: How to select a web content management system

We advise on quite a few technology selection projects at DCG, and web content management systems are the most common type. In the CMS-Connected video below, I lay out our 8-step process, and I highlight some of the key ingredients to a successful outcome. Here are a few of them: Identifying focal needs, or the… read more >

2013 predictions

Peering into 2013

With every New Year come the dreams and predictions of what the next 365 days will bring. The DCG team has pulled together a few of our own predictions (and wishes) for 2013 … The web content management (WCM) nomenclature fog will (finally) begin to lift, as bigger vendors further embrace some variation of CEM… read more >

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