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J.Boye Web & Intranet Conference

Wednesday, April 16 2014, New York – Members of Digital Clarity Group’s analyst team will be participating in J.Boye’s Web & Intranet Conference in Philadelphia, May 6 – 8, 2014. Principal Analysts Scott Liewehr, Tim Walters, and Cathy McKnight will be among 50 world-class speakers invited to participate in the conference, which will bring together a diverse group of online practitioners including web managers, web project managers, intranet managers, and other online professionals operating both in and outside the firewall.

Keynote: Making Customer Experience Management Realteam-profile-tim-walters

Presented by Tim Walters

In this keynote Tim will destroy the lingering delusions of the CEM nay-sayers and establish that competing via the customer experiences you offer is the imperative for virtually every organization today.

He’ll then explore four key aspects of our new CEM reality. First, how can companies make progress towards instituting and realizing a CEM strategy? Second, why does success depend on implementing CEM as a company-wide reality, not just a marketing issue? Third, how can and will CEM change what we still quaintly label “the real world,” e.g., the in-store experience? Fourth, as the data exhausts emitted by our so-called real lives is collected, refined, and “weaponized” by marketers, how can and should consumers resist?

Key takeaways:

  • How can companies make progress towards instituting and realizing a program for CEM?
  • Why should they embrace CEM as a company-wide reality, not just as a marketing or digital issue?
  • How does CEM impact and change non-digital reality e.g., the in-store experience?
  • What is the impact and future of the virtualization of (real)consumers via data tracking, and how might consumers resist.

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The Tools, Team and Tactics Needed to Compete in An Outside-In World


Presented by Scott Liewehr and Cathy McKnight

In the workshop, we’ll explore: the customer experience management (CEM) Imperative and how it impacts the enterprise within the firewall, and the need to shift from an “inside-out” to “outside-in” focus for how employees work in order to support and drive CEM for their organization. In the second part, we’ll analyze the technologies, skills, and processes that will help employees engage and collaborate, and how to evaluate, select, and assemble the team involved in executing the CEM strategy (internal resources, outside service providers, and vendors).team-profile-cathy-mcknight

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