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Theories about Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition

Today Scott Liewehr, co-founder and CEO of Digital Clarity Group, was quoted in a CMS Wire article that shared various theories about Microsoft’s recent, somewhat confusing, $26 billion  acquisition of LinkedIn.

Microsoft: Becoming Service Driven?

In a nutshell, perhaps Microsoft wants to take a page from Apple’s playbook and move into services.

“Everyone will say this is about Microsoft entering the enterprise social media sector, much the way they bought Yammer to enter the enterprise collaboration space,” said Scott Liewehr, co-founder and CEO of New York City-based Digital Clarity Group.

“Of course, this is true. But it’s not mutually exclusive from other strategies. I think the significance of this is more about Microsoft entering the services space. This is the first Microsoft purchase of a non-software/hardware company that I can think of.”

No matter how luxurious, software and hardware are becoming commodities, Liewehr added. “If Apple realizes that,” he said, “then Microsoft surely realizes that.”

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