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A rich, engaging customer experience, circa 1999.

Customer Experience Management Pushes Marketers Beyond DAM to MAD

In order to understand the role of rich media in customer experience, just recall how the web looked in the mid-1990s. Constrained by crude content management systems, expensive storage, and above all, by dial up modems, web sites were dominated by text. Photographs were small, low resolution, and rare — in 1996, even the home page… read more >


Four predictions prescriptions for CEM clarity in 2015

[Note: This is a long one – but worth it! So get your beverage of choice and settle in.] Admit it. You overindulged during the holidays. Oh, I don’t mean the liquor and libations, the decadent deserts, the game day gorging – after a long, strange 2014, you deserved all of that, and more. I’m… read more >


Will consumers be admitted to the Drucker Forum? CEM and management transformation

As I write this I’m on the way to the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna. In honor of Peter Drucker, this fifth annual gathering brings together the bigs and the wigs of management consulting and practice, including Clayton Christensen, Gary Hamel, Rita McGrath, and John Hagel III. Can management manage its own Great Transformation? The… read more >


J.Boye Web & Intranet Conference

May 6–8, 2014, Philadelphia, PA, USA Keynote: Making Customer Experience Management Real, Tim Walters The Tools, Team and Tactics Needed to Compete in An Outside-In World, Scott Liewehr and Cathy McKnight Customer Experience Management – Starts at Home, Cathy McKnight Expert Panel Discussion Web Idol Event website: J.Boye’s Web & Intranet Conference read more >


The Top Inconvenient Truths and Dangerous Misconceptions about Customer Experience Management

February 2014, webinar. Presented by Tim Walters, moderated by Mary Laplante. read more >

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