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September 6-8, 2016. Moscone West, SF, USA. Analyst attending: Alan Pelz-Sharpe. Event website: BoxWorks read more >


Intranets for Employee Communications

June 21-23, 2016. San Diego, CA, USA. How To Develop A User-Centric Intranet That Will Improve Engagement, Collaboration, Information Sharing, And Achieve Results by Cathy McKnight Designing An Intranet With Your Employees In Mind – Improve Adoption, Collaboration, And Productivity by Cathy McKnight and Randy Kirsch Event website: Intranets for Employee Communications read more >

Levie footware

Commoditization, Innovation, and “Transformation” — Through the Lens of Box

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal prior to their mid-January 2015 IPO, Box’s CEO Aaron Levie was asked, “Is online file sharing a commodity?” Levie hedged the answer, offering only that “the storage component of what we do is a commodity product.” But, in truth, storage alone has long been undifferentiated. (Thumb drives, anyone?)… read more >


Wearables, Drones and Virtual—Is This Really the Future of Work?

At a recent conference, one of the panelists made a startling comment about the future of work, which spurred me to immediately tweet the news: Connie Moore @cmooreclarity‬‬‬‬‬ Cognizant information officer speaker at #appian15 says the future of work isn’t mobile, #social, cloud. it’s #drone, #wearable & #virtual If that’s really true, then we’re talking… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Our Alliance with Constellation Research: Practicing What We Preach

We started our journey at Digital Clarity Group three years ago this month. On the 23rd, in fact. Our mission from the start was to help business leaders navigate their organizations through digital transformation in the smartest, easiest, most pragmatic way possible. That meant doing things a bit differently than others, but not just for… read more >


Gilbane Content and Digital Experience Conference 2014

December 2-4, Boston, MA, USA. Opening Keynote: Industry Analyst Panel, Scott Liewehr Enterprise Social: Living Up to Its Promise? Tim Walters Building Next-Generation WCM and Digital Experiences, Jill Finger Gibson Foundations for Best-Fit WCM Service Provider Selections, Cathy McKnight Event website: Gilbane Content and Digital Experience Conference 2014 read more >


The Future of Intranets

What are the well engineered intranets looking to build on, after a proven record of engagement? When the productivity and community development targets are reached, what will the next phase in the evolution be? Watch this CMS-Connected news show about the Future of Intranets with Seth Earley, Richard Harbridge, Toby Ward, Sunny Lenarduzzi & JIVE.


Social Now Europe

April 7, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands Keynote: Social Intranets, the Lemming Curve, and ‘Down With People’ – Tim Walters Event website: Social Now Europe read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Thinking Out Loud – Knowledge Management

Warning: I sometimes often like to use anecdotes from my experiences to illustrate my points. Note: E-discovery refers to the tools and practices used to automate the review of electronic content for relevance in legal proceedings. This overly simplified definition will be relevant later in this post. Knowledge Management is defined as [insert your definition… read more >

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