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WCM, the favorite of all Marketing courtesans … for now

Web content management (WCM), where a marketer’s content lives and breathe, is king of the martech stack. Content, while it has always a key component of a marketer’s court, its prominence and power notched up in rank when it became the central component of delivering upon the promise of a great customer experience. The new drive… read more >


J. Boye CMS Experts North America

May 3, 2016. Philadelphia, PA, USA. Speaker: Cathy McKnight Event website: J. Boye CMS Experts North America read more >


J. Boye CMS Expert North America Group

January 14-15, 2016. Washington DC. Analyst attending: Cathy McKnight Event website: J. Boye CMS Expert North America Group read more >


Web Content Management Round-Up, May 2015

What’s new in Web Content Management? Adobe announces a strategic partnership with Microsoft. OpenText plans to cut its workforce by 5%. Appnovation Donates $30,000 to Drupal 8 Accelerate. Hippo releases Hippo CMS v10. Automattic Acquires WordPress Service Provider WooThemes. Mura CMS launches a Mura CMS Themes Competition… read more >


Content Management Systems: You Definitely Don’t Want to be in This 40%

This year I’ve interviewed more than forty companies about their customer experience management (CEM) strategies and how content management systems (CMS) fit into the CEM technology mix. A truism has surfaced that remains constant no matter how many organizations I interview—roughly 35-40% of the CMS selection projects fail. That is an astounding number and it… read more >


Web Content Management Round-Up, April 2015

What’s new in web content management industry? TerminalFour won eight new university clients. eZ Systems is actively working on the new generation of its products: eZ Platform, eZ Studio, and eZ Studio+. CoreMedia announced CoreMedia v8. Blue River Interactive Group, the company behind Mura CMS (a Cold Fusion based Web Content Management System), announced Mura Experience Platform. HannonHill improves its… read more >


Requirements Gathering: A critical part of the technology selection journey

So you have confirmed that indeed, your organization is in need of a new technology solution. Perhaps it’s a content management system (CMS), a marketing automation platform (MAP), a digital asset management (DAM) tool, or perhaps a combination of solutions. Whatever the technology, the prudent next step is to start talking to others in your… read more >


Embrace the opportunity of your CMS vendor’s acquisition

Sometimes changes are good – a job promotion, a new home, going somewhere exotic on vacation. Other times change can be the source of anxiety and agita – a job promotion, a new home, going somewhere exotic on vacation. In any case of change, there is always an upside if you look for it –… read more >


eZ Publish Show #25

June 2, 2015. Did modern CMSs sacrifice good editor experience for improving customer experience? – with Marianne Kay and Bryan Ruby Event website: eZ Publish Show read more >


Web Content Management Round-Up, March 2015

The Web Content Management Systems market is crowded, competitive, and fast-moving. With so many vendors and solutions, it can be hard to keep on top of all the latest developments, particularly if your job responsibilities are based around only one CMS platform (or a selected few). This review brings together recent highlights from across the… read more >

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