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Digital Engagement in Financial Services

June 10, 2014, Boston, MA, USA. Digital Engagement in Financial Services: Effectively Manage Content to Build Loyalty and Optimize Business Outcomes, Scott Liewehr Event website: Digital Engagement in Financial Services read more >


Digital Clarity Group Releases Guide to European Agencies and Integrators for Web Content and Customer Experience Management

Advisory firm brings global perspective to its unique coverage of the WCM and CEM service provider landscape NEW YORK  –  Digital Clarity Group (DCG), the research-based advisory firm focused on customer experience management (CEM), announced the immediate availability of the European edition of its popular Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience… read more >


Principles of Holistic Information Governance – An Introduction

On March 20th of this year I wrote my first blog post as a member of Digital Clarity Group. In that post I mentioned the Principles of Holistic Information Governance (PHIGs) and how Information Governance and Customer Experience Management are inextricably linked. This post serves as an introduction to the PHIGs. In subsequent posts and… read more >

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JBoye Aarhus 2013 – Web & Intranet conference

This November Marianne Kay will be speaking at JBoye Web & Intranet Conference in Aarhus, Denmark about Web Content Management and the role that Service Providers – digital agencies, system integrators and the like – play in WCM projects. Her talk is based on extensive research that Digital Clarity Group have undertaken in WCM Service… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

DCG’s Guide to Service Providers Featured in FierceContentManagement article

August 15, 2013, New York – The buzz for Digital Clarity Group’s new Report continues! As THE Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management, the Guide continues to garner industry recognition. FierceContentManagement, a notable industry resource featuring articles and commentary on enterprise content management, recently wrote a review outlining the merits… read more >

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Web Ubiquity Calls for an “Experience Tier”

In this Insight paper, we explore the deeper delivery challenge in which the abundance of touch points in the era of an ever-present web calls for seamless and de-channeled engagement. After reading this paper, you should understand: How the “always on” Internet access affects engaging customers How your organization can leverage the “experience tier” to… read more >

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What’s in a Name?

That which we call a rose By any other name Would smell as sweet… Not the case when speaking about Service Providers/Digital Agencies/Systems Integrators. These firms are committed to their selected nomenclature (often for good reason), and will correct anyone who calls them otherwise. With so many different services offered, there is a lack of… read more >

2013 predictions

Peering into 2013

With every New Year come the dreams and predictions of what the next 365 days will bring. The DCG team has pulled together a few of our own predictions (and wishes) for 2013 … The web content management (WCM) nomenclature fog will (finally) begin to lift, as bigger vendors further embrace some variation of CEM… read more >

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Built To Change – New Models for Managing Consumer Engagement

Today’s powerful web search, social publishing, and social network filtering capabilities place powerful new tools in the hands of consumers. But today’s buyer’s journey is much more non-linear – as consumers can easily find information, comparative pricing, and social recommendations about a large number of competing solutions. This paper seeks to develop new models for… read more >

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The Field Guide to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a practice that is expanding at an enormous rate. In the 8 months since the book Managing Content Marketing was written, search traffic alone for the term has almost doubled. It is predicted that 2012 is the first year marketers are placing Content Marketing front-and-center. This paper is meant to be a… read more >

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