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DCG research and articles about: digital disruption

Impossible Bolts

Back to the Future — Of Technical Documentation Content

Digitally empowered consumers and the subsequent imperative for customer experience management have profound implications for technical writers and other documentation professionals. Next week, I have the pleasure of taking part in SDL’s event in London on the Future of Technical Documentation. In my presentation, I’ll first review how the forces of digital disruption (especially mobile… read more >


Embrace the opportunity of your CMS vendor’s acquisition

Sometimes changes are good – a job promotion, a new home, going somewhere exotic on vacation. Other times change can be the source of anxiety and agita – a job promotion, a new home, going somewhere exotic on vacation. In any case of change, there is always an upside if you look for it –… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Our Alliance with Constellation Research: Practicing What We Preach

We started our journey at Digital Clarity Group three years ago this month. On the 23rd, in fact. Our mission from the start was to help business leaders navigate their organizations through digital transformation in the smartest, easiest, most pragmatic way possible. That meant doing things a bit differently than others, but not just for… read more >


OpenText Innovation Tour 2015

April 7, 2015. New York, NY, USA. Making Business Transformation Real in 2015 – keynote by Connie Moore Event website: OpenText Innovation Tour 2015


Can documentation practices make the world safe for CEM?

To mark the publication of a new Digital Clarity Group Insight Paper, “The New Role for Documentation in the Era of Customer Experience Management,” consider this historical tale. Although we now date the early 15th-century as the dawn of the Renaissance, Europe at the time was still more medieval than modern… read more >


The Reinvention of Technical Documentation

December 9, 2014. Online webinar with Tim Walters. read more >


Will consumers be admitted to the Drucker Forum? CEM and management transformation

As I write this I’m on the way to the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna. In honor of Peter Drucker, this fifth annual gathering brings together the bigs and the wigs of management consulting and practice, including Clayton Christensen, Gary Hamel, Rita McGrath, and John Hagel III. Can management manage its own Great Transformation? The… read more >


Why I joined Digital Clarity Group: When digital and personal disruption collide

After a two-year hiatus from the world of work I’m back at it again, having just joined Digital Clarity Group as senior vice president, research. (Here’s the bio.) You may be wondering, why now? And why DCG?  Good questions. Why now? The “why now” is easy. I left the workforce in January 2013 because of a… read more >

Free Developer Report

Beyond Marketing: Why Digital Disruption Requires a Deeper Transformation

The forces of digital disruption have toppled established business models, magnified the significance of digital channels and competences, and initiated the “customer-centric era.” CMOs and their marketing organizations would seem to be ideally positioned to lead organizational response, as they typically own the customer relationship and have developed sophisticated methods for understanding and communicating with… read more >

great-dane-sleeping (1)

Is Jill Lepore’s critique of disruption theory really “a criminal act of dishonesty”?

The Annals of Disruption Denial, Part 1 The uproar has died down. Twitter searches for “Lepore” are again dominated by the antics of the one named Chris, the “Vine celebrity” and recently convicted felon. But the one named Jill (no relation, and she doesn’t even appear to have a Twitter account, so you can forget… read more >

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