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GDS Digital Marketing Leaders Summit

Taking place at the end of August 2016 the CMO: Digital Marketing Leaders Summit will bring together 60 senior marketing decision makers and business leaders from across America.

Across the marketing sector sophisticated analytics tools are enabling organisations to cut through reams of customer data to deliver valuable insight. Attending executives will be debating the impact these new technologies are having, and what effect they will have on the future of their industry.

Through essential business conversation and extensive networking the event aims to solve key business challenges around marketing strategies and data and analytics.

At this invitation-only event, Scott Liewehr will host a round-table on “Digital Strategy: Data and Your Digital Business.” Jake DiMare will present on the topic of how to avoid the most common digital transformation disasters.


IWMW 2015

July 27-29, 2015. Omskirk, UK. Event website: IWMW 2015 read more >


Five Reasons to Hire a Service Provider

The landscape of service providers is vast and often confusing. There are thousands upon thousands of digital agencies, systems integrators, creative design firms, marketing technology companies, and many others. While their name can signal a difference in approach, many of these organizations follow a similar mandate: to help your organization succeed. A large part of… read more >

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Simple Sells. Creating and Selecting the Best Tools for the Modern Marketer

Reaching and engaging today’s consumer is both an art and a science. The same is true if you are a software or services firm looking to reach and engage with the modern marketer. With more channels to manage, more content to create, and more connections and stakeholders to satisfy, being a digital marketer has become… read more >

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Content, Context, and Chaos: How Marketing Must Change to Deliver Customer-Centric Systems of Engagement

As we enter into a new era of the importance of continual customer engagement, the CMO must begin to add systems that not only manage this engagement but also embrace the rapidly shifting and expanding environments in which consumers want to interact. In this paper Robert Rose puts forward three ideas that can lay a… read more >

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Assessing and Improving Your Customer Engagement Maturity

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