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Andy Grove and the Response to Disruption

It’s an irony of fate that Andy Grove died last Monday just as Adobe’s Digital Marketing Summit was kicking off in Las Vegas. Adobe is (or likes to think of itself as) the poster child for our thoroughly digitized economy and culture, all of which would be unthinkable without Grove — that is, without Intel,… read more >


OpenText Innovation Tour 2015

April 7, 2015. New York, NY, USA. Making Business Transformation Real in 2015 – keynote by Connie Moore Event website: OpenText Innovation Tour 2015


The Reinvention of Technical Documentation

December 9, 2014. Online webinar with Tim Walters. read more >


The response to disruption extends far beyond marketing

With $115 billion in revenue, over 170,000 employees, and 76 million customers, Allianz SE is the largest insurance company in the world and the 11th largest financial services firm. Founded in 1890 and now operating in over 70 countries, this enormous enterprise has survived world wars, the San Francisco earthquake, the Great Depression, and Cats‘… read more >


Ad Tech is an opportunity for agencies. . . if they move fast enough

Last week, Ad Age published a guest column by Bob Ray, “Ad Tech Isn’t a Threat to Agencies, It’s an Opportunity.” While I agree with this title and most of the article’s content, I have to ask, “What took you [the agency industry] so long?!”  It’s hard to avoid the notion that ad tech is… read more >


Will you survive Business 2020? And can the enterprise strike back?

For some people (including, often, me), the year 2020 still represents a remote, science-fiction future, with flying cars, space colonies, and robotic cops. But of course, 2020 is now barely five years away. It is closer to us today than the introduction of the web-enabled smartphone. Extraordinary – and at one time unimaginable – transformations… read more >

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Is Jill Lepore’s critique of disruption theory really “a criminal act of dishonesty”?

The Annals of Disruption Denial, Part 1 The uproar has died down. Twitter searches for “Lepore” are again dominated by the antics of the one named Chris, the “Vine celebrity” and recently convicted felon. But the one named Jill (no relation, and she doesn’t even appear to have a Twitter account, so you can forget… read more >

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