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Individual Strands Join to Form An Emerging Market

OpenText finalizes the Documentum deal—and weaves a new tapestry in the process

Last week, OpenText finalized yet another acquisition, which is pretty much par for the course for this vendor. OpenText’s growth strategy depends heavily on acquisitions and this was no exception, although this specific purchase was an unusually important addition to the OpenText stable of products. Since the company began, OpenText has made 55 acquisitions, and… read more >

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OpenText bid to Acquire Documentum

On this episode of Just Clarity, Connie Moore, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, and Jake DiMare talk about the pending OpenText acquisition of Documentum. Jake Dimare (JD): Welcome back to Just Clarity. On this episode, I’m joined by Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Lead Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, and Connie Moore, the head of our Research Department and we’re going… read more >

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OpenText acquires Documentum

Today we got confirmation that OpenText is buying Documentum (aka Dell EMC’s Content Management Division).  Let’s say right up front we think this is a good move. Though some upheaval is to be expected, it makes a great deal of sense for both parties. Though Documentum was acquired by EMC in 2003 for $1.7B  (and… read more >


OpenText: Tackling the biggest of channel challenges

This year the OpenText World event was held in Nashville, TN and visiting Music City gave Cathy McKnight and I the chance to directly take the pulse of the firms’ senior executives, partners and customers. Though there were product and roadmap announcements galore, most notably the daring announcement that the firm plans to challenge IBM… read more >


Rumors swirl EMC wants to dump Documentum ahead of Dell acquisition

Just last month Dell dumped Perot Systems for $3.05 billion, around half of the reported asking price. Other deals are reportedly in the works for Quest and Sonicwall. Now it’s time for the baby to sell some stuff too and Documentum is a logical choice. As for Documentum, it could actually be a relief for… read more >

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