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Requirements Gathering: A critical part of the technology selection journey

So you have confirmed that indeed, your organization is in need of a new technology solution. Perhaps it’s a content management system (CMS), a marketing automation platform (MAP), a digital asset management (DAM) tool, or perhaps a combination of solutions. Whatever the technology, the prudent next step is to start talking to others in your… read more >

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RFP 101

So you need a new … WCMS? Marketing automation platform? Ecommerce solution? Where not to start. Many companies will start their technology or service provider selection process by sending out a blind RFI (request for information) or RFP (request for proposal) without so much as picking up the phone to introduce themselves and the opportunity,… read more >


Where Have All the WCM Cowboys Gone?

Happy New Year. Here we are in 2014 and Web Content Management is in a funk. Yep, I said it. The entire sector is in danger of becoming an afterthought.  Ask yourself a question: when was the last time a WCM solution provider actually made some really interesting news, or got the market talking about… read more >

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Thinking Small. Bringing the Power of Big Data to the Masses.

Large organizations love the idea of big data, yet many companies lack a clear vision for rolling out big data analytics in practical, measured steps. In this report, we look at the business rationale for “thinking small” and define a playbook for creating small data applications. The report also examines the building blocks for distilling… read more >

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Simple Sells. Creating and Selecting the Best Tools for the Modern Marketer

Reaching and engaging today’s consumer is both an art and a science. The same is true if you are a software or services firm looking to reach and engage with the modern marketer. With more channels to manage, more content to create, and more connections and stakeholders to satisfy, being a digital marketer has become… read more >


Neolane – icing on Adobe’s Marketing Cloud cake?

Last week’s announcement that Adobe has signed a letter of intent to buy Neolane for some $600 million in an all-cash transaction cannot come as a surprise to anybody, or at least not that many. The chatter on the topic amplified after this year’s Adobe Summit, shifting to be more about the “who” and “when”,… read more >


Suite trend continues with Salesforce $2.5B acquisition of ExactTarget

Got it. Got it. Need it. Got it. The sounds of hockey card collections and’s (SFDC) approach to business growth as reinforced with today’s announcement of its acquisition of cloud marketing automation platform ExactTarget. This is the biggest price tag paid in SFDC’s long list of acquisitions made in its 14-year history. At $2.5… read more >

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At the Crossroads: Can HubSpot Become the Next Salesforce?

Happy companies create happy customers. This is one of the themes that comes through when you visit HubSpot. That, and the fact that they measure everything and are particularly open – from their office environment, to the financials they post (as a private company), to the way they share a lot of content about their… read more >

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Meet us at the Internet World 2013 in London

Next week, on Tuesday, April 23, Scott Liewehr, Tim Walters and Marianne Kay will be attending Internet World 2013 in London – Europe’s longest running, best attended and biggest annual event for digital marketing and online business. Catch us during the day, or drop us a note to arrange a meet-up.

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Inbound Perspective Helps Marketers Channel Their Inner Customer

As I get ready to co-host and speak at next week’s Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) in New York I’ve been thinking a lot about the “state of Inbound Marketing,” especially since that’s the subject of one of the panels I happen to be moderating.  It’s been a few years since the inbound movement arrived on… read more >

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