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DCG research and articles about: Uber

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E-Commerce Round-Up, July 2015

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean. This month’s Round-Up highlights innovative companies employing new business models that have implications for ecommerce: social delivery, subscriptions, and retail marketplaces. Scandinavian start-ups fuel innovation in “social delivery” services In… read more >


The next big thing in global ecommerce: Uber

It’s the end of a long workday, and you have a package that needs to get to your client in another city by tomorrow morning. There’s a Fedex box in the lobby of your office building, but you’ve already missed the pick-up window deadline of 6 p.m. It’s too bulky for a bike messenger, and… read more >

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