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The VOCalis Award

Introducing the VOCalis Award

Digital Clarity Group is proud to announce the VOCalis Award for excellence in the delivery of technology platforms. Awarded to System Integrators and Digital Agencies (“service providers”), VOCalis (/vo’ka.lis/) is the only Voice of Customer award based exclusively on feedback collected from customers. Receiving the VOCalis Award is a genuine and distinguished indication of a consistently exceptional dedication to service, capability, and delivery. It is reserved for truly outstanding performers, and enterprise buyers should take note.

VOCalis Awards are granted to service providers on a rolling basis based on the feedback we receive from their customers with respect to a particular practice area during a given period of time (e.g. the VOCalis Award for Excellence in Delivery of Adobe AEM solutions, 2017).

Criteria for winning

To be eligible for an award, Digital Clarity Group must interview a representative sample of the recipient’s customers across the practice area. All of the data is collected, anonymized, and analyzed in the VOCalis database, and only those service providers with a consistent track record of exceptional performance are granted an award. Specific implementation projects are assessed against the VOCalis Success Factors:

  • Value
  • Client Relationship
  • Project Management
  • Technical Skills
  • Change Management

Implementation projects undergo a 360-degree assessment based on a structured survey periodically pulsing both customer and partner viewpoints at various stages in the project lifecycle. To be distinguished as a potential VOCalis award winner a service provider must rank consistently high in all five success factors and score well above the industry average benchmark. The pulse points measured in this assessment process must come represent 50% of relevant customers in the evaluated practice area or more. All interviews, data analysis and scoring are completed and analyzed by the VOCalis team at Digital Clarity Group.

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