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5 Global Trends that Will Transform Your Business for the Digital Enterprise

When: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 10:00 am ET/ 3:00 pm CET

Connie MooreIn order to maintain and retain market share, businesses are currently facing challenges such as meeting the evolving expectations of digitally savvy customers, translating big data into value, and embracing mobile. Industry leaders recognize that meeting these challenges often requires updated business models, while still maintaining compliance and focusing on reducing risks.

Watch this video-based webinar discussion, moderated by Connie Moore to hear how enterprise solutions mitigate the risks of Digital Transformation, while maximizing benefits of SAP investments across Five Pillars of the Digital Enterprise:

  1. Customer Engagement: Gain best practices for providing customers with highly personalized omnichannel service.
  2. Workforce Management: Determine effective solutions to meet the demands of the millennium workforce with an “Immediacy” mindset.
  3. Assets and Internet of Things (IoT): Learn how successful businesses use IoT technology to streamline business processes and succeed in digital transformation.
  4. Supplier networks: Discover effective steps to adopt Digital Supplier Network and automate supply chain process.
  5. Production and Innovation: Learn how to digitize the “front office” and improve customer experience to ensure the right balance between high quality and time to market.



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