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About Us

Our promise to our clients is confidence.

Digital Clarity Group is a research and advisory firm that helps organizations deliver world-class customer experience through partnerships with best-fit technology vendors and digital partners. We enable client success by bringing unprecedented transparency to selecting, engaging, and optimizing relationships with digital partners and technology vendors. Our guidance draws on our proprietary data about agency and integrator partner performance, on our deep experience with vendor and digital partner selections, and on our roles as industry analysts covering technologies for managing customer experiences. Our promise to our clients is confidence – confidence that they are choosing the best-fit partners for business transformation.

We serve clients across the ecosystem for customer experience solutions.

  • We work with enterprise buyers of services and technologies to ensure that they engage with the optimal set of partners for their digital transformation and customer experience initiatives.
  • We work with technology vendors to ensure that their channel partners are optimized for successful implementations that deliver sustainable value to customers.
  • We work with digital agencies and integrators to ensure that their client portfolios are aligned with their strongest capabilities and competencies, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and performance-based differentiation.

We deliver three types of services to clients seeking to engage high-performance partners that can lead to success with digital business initiatives and transformation.

  1. Our unique VOCalis voice-of-the-customer customer satisfaction assessment service
  2. Our technology vendor and digital partner selection services
  3. Our Partner Finder marketplace, a free tool that enables buyers to create short-lists of qualified digital partners based on key criteria.


What our clients say

dcg-stardcg-stardcg-stardcg-stardcg-star  Professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and highly supportive
by Randy Kirsh, IT Director of Applications, Presbyterian Homes and Services

In my 30+ years in IT leadership only a handful of consulting engagements truly stand out in my mind as exceptional endeavors that deliver everything you expect and more. Digital Clarity Group’s engagement with Presbyterian Homes and Services was and is one of those engagements. I met DCG at an Intranet-specific conference where I was looking to expand my knowledge of modern Intranet sites and hopefully find a lead to a partner to help us navigate the crowded waters of platforms and implementation partners.

What attracted me to DCG was first and foremost that they held and openly shared an opinion about the right way to approach a project like we were considering and had a methodology to support it. Secondly they were a partner that would sit on your side of the table in the selection process – no downstream revenue from products and no revenue from an army of implementation staff. Finally, and most importantly, DCG has exceptional resources that are professional, deeply knowledgeable, experienced, and highly supportive through the cycle of requirements definition, platform narrowing and selection, and partner identification, discussions and final choice.

Prior to the conference, as a team we had executed substantial prep work to understand as much as we could about Intranet sites and platform choices. Digital Clarity Group met us where we were, confirmed what we knew, and took us forward from that point. In a professional and organized manner, they engaged with our core and broader team and led us through the process to final sections – efficiently and effectively. I give my highest recommendation and thanks to Digital Clarity Group for what we were able to accomplish as a team in this important and highly visible effort.


dcg-stardcg-stardcg-stardcg-stardcg-star  Experts in evaluating technologies, understanding service providers and establishing a “fit”
by Barbara St. Clair, Director Marketing Communications, ConMed

We had the good luck of coming across Digital Clarity Group very early in our process – right about the time that we realized we did not have the internal expertise to do a truly solid vetting of digital technologies (content management systems) or service providers. Interestingly, at the time, we thought that was something specific to our company, since we had not been very active in the digital space. Since then, we have learned that it is unlikely that many companies have the expertise to make consistently good decisions about expanding into this area – which leads to a segue of why DCG was such a good partner in our process of determining which CMS was best to meet our needs, identifying which service provider could most effectively lead the integration and meet those needs and then managing the RFP process so that we could be assured of the most precise and impactful communication and the highest level of success.

That segue is that evaluating technologies, understanding the DNA of service providers and establishing the criteria for a “fit” is what Digital Clarity Group does full time, non stop and with brilliant determination. The digital environment is changing so fast that if you don’t spend a 100% of your time with it (and what manufacturing business or sales organization does?) then you can’t have the internal expertise and knowledge to be assured of making the right decisions. I know this first hand because I have a number of colleagues who started developing a new website or similar project at the same time as we did (without the help of DCG or anyone actually), and they are having a difficult time of it. In contrast, our deployment and installation are going very, very well. At each step we are more and more convinced we made the right decisions. Thus far, we have completed the discovery and design phases with high levels of satisfaction, and we are moving into development. We are still on time and still within budget and still in sync with our CMS and service providers. There have been no vendor-related hair-on-fire moments, and I do not expect any. I attribute this to the very valuable consultative service DCG provided.

When we hired Digital Clarity Group we were “pretty” confident that we were doing the right thing. Ten months down the road (and 5 months away from the targeted launch of our new website / digital marketing channel) we are more than sure of it.

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