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Kyle Dover

Senior Analyst

Research areas

  • Executive and Organization Development
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Technology Maturity Models

Previous experience

  • Founding partner in Teleos Consulting
  • Consultant to G.E. WorkOut program


A Senior Analyst with Digital Clarity Group, Kyle has over 25 years’ experience training and coaching executives to build organizations for sustainable success. His work focuses on helping leaders to build top talent, align talent with strategy, and learn and apply skills needed to optimize performance. He has a special interest in helping leaders develop and apply strategic perspective and influence skills.

In conjunction with DCG, Kyle continues his role as a founding partner in Teleos Consulting. Teleos helps executives measurably improve organization performance through a custom approach that includes executive coaching, collaborative leadership skills training, and performance and talent systems alignment. Prior to Teleos, Kyle served as a consultant to the acclaimed G.E. WorkOut programs, which helped transform the G.E. culture.

Kyle lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife and Teleos partner Joan Kofodimos, and with their wonderful daughter Zoe. When not immersed in a coaching call, Kyle can be found in the gym or working with other concerned parents leading the Special Needs Advisory Council for his local school district.

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