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Tiffany Elliot


Research areas

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Service Provider Landscape
  • Technology Partner Channels



Tiffany covers the service provider & digital agency landscape as it relates to Web Content and Customer Experience Management. In addition to speaking with industry leaders and customers alike, she conducts in-depth interviews and briefings, writes insight papers based on research and analysis, and provides customers with competitive analysis and insight into the ever-growing field of service providers. Tiffany is an original author and project lead on DCG’s published Guides to service providers for web content and customer experience management, giving her a thorough understanding of both the North America and Europe markets.

Prior to Digital Clarity Group, Tiffany worked as a Teaching Assistant for a tier one Canadian University. She was also a brand ambassador at a market research firm, and a regional community relations coordinator for a nationwide fitness company. With a Masters degree in history, her writing can be found in the Canadian theses archives, and across social feeds as the online voice of DCG. Tiffany was part of the Canadian synchronized skating team to win gold at the 2009 World Championships, and she continues to follow and share her passion by teaching figure skating part-time. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her dog Maggie.

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