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Announcing DCG’s Bringing the Power of Big Data to the Masses Report

thinking small data coverBig Data is all the rage, yet many organizations are struggling to move beyond the hype and apply big data analytics in practical, measured steps.

First, most big data investments to-date ($10 billion and counting according to IDC) have focused on “upstream” systems and tools for technical folks vs. apps and tools for people who aren’t data scientists to get just the information they need, where they need it, in a form that is easy to apply and share (see our  discussion of consumer examples like Amazon and Nike Fuelband here). This is the essence of the small data philosophy: make it simple, make it smart, be responsive, be social.

Second, to be successful, big data needs a purpose. We believe this purpose may in fact be its potential to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers, transform how customers access and consume (and even wear) useful data, and ultimately redefine the relationship between buyers and sellers. Which is why we believe there’s an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to lead the charge for the next wave of big – and small – data apps and tools.

Third, to realize the full value of data-driven apps, they must be actionable and accessible for everyday work. In fact to serve the masses of business users, we need to do a better job collecting the insights/content we already have, discovering their meaning in the context of the task at hand, and delivering the right data in the right format to the broadest set of users.

Several months in the works, DCG’s new report: Thinking Small: Bringing the Power of Big Data to the Masses provides a playbook for navigating this “last mile” of big data and turning your big data vision into practical insights and tools – for the rest of us.

Sponsored by Adobe, Actuate, HubSpot and Visible, and based on DCG’s ongoing market coverage (see here, and here, and here), reviews of influential literature, and interviews with planners, practitioners, and strategists, the study provides a unique look at the drivers, history, benefits, and opportunities for vendors and service providers looking to evolve their big data vision. It also introduces four new use cases for applying small data in marketing, a new “data funnel” model for distilling big data into small data, and tips and examples for marketers looking to leverage and apply their big and small data assets.

Readers can download a PDF of the report by clicking here.


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