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Consultants – Heal Thyself!

I’m fresh from Content Marketing World where I taught a workshop to 200 or so agencies who came to learn about the methodologies of delivering content marketing planning services to their end clients.  I can tell you that the primary thing on their mind was how rapidly the changes flowing through digital content experiences, social,… read more >


Manage Channels – Integrate Content

When you’re surfing the channels on television – you’re looking for great content. You may first try your “tried and true” channels. But you’ll ultimately land (and stay) on a channel because of the content, and not because it happens to be on HBO, or ESPN or NBC. As a recent New York Times article… read more >


Content, Context, & Chaos – Have You Ever Been Experienced?

“Are you experienced?  Have you ever been experienced? Well I have.” Jimi Hendrix Have you heard? Customers are more empowered now, and we have to be really good at engaging them across a lot of digital channels. Okay, this is the part where I insert some insane growth numbers about mobile, social or how much… read more >

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Content, Context, and Chaos: How Marketing Must Change to Deliver Customer-Centric Systems of Engagement

As we enter into a new era of the importance of continual customer engagement, the CMO must begin to add systems that not only manage this engagement but also embrace the rapidly shifting and expanding environments in which consumers want to interact. In this paper Robert Rose puts forward three ideas that can lay a… read more >

golden mean

The Rise of the Manager of Meaning

The roles of the CMO and the CIO are evolving. We know this. Of this change, it is more critical that they both evolve into something with a common purpose, than the change in role itself. Big Data just might be the big idea that hastens the alignment of this purpose, but it won’t, itself,… read more >


When Did Marketing Become IT?

The process of marketing is changing. Yes! we finally understand this now. The need to deliver on Peter Drucker’s promise of marketing as “the distinguishing, unique function of the business” is becoming self-evident. As such, the skill of marketing is one that is pervasive throughout the entire organization. As Drucker  said, “leadership is a marketing… read more >


True CXM – Bigfoot, Unicorn, or Aliens?

Have you seen true digital CXM in the wild? And what I mean by that is – have you personally witnessed an organization deliver truly contextually relevant, customer-centric content across multiple digital channels, using both implicit and explicit attributes to target and deliver that content? I suspect you haven’t. I haven’t – and I cover this space… read more >


All content is now marketing – managing change better

Remember back in the day when a change to the legal terms of service of a popular online service really meant something meaningful?  No?  Yeah, I don’t either. Remember the introduction of Edgerank; Facebook’s new algorithm that filters your posts from most of your “network” unless they receive a high level of engagement? Remember how… read more >

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Built To Change – New Models for Managing Consumer Engagement

Today’s powerful web search, social publishing, and social network filtering capabilities place powerful new tools in the hands of consumers. But today’s buyer’s journey is much more non-linear – as consumers can easily find information, comparative pricing, and social recommendations about a large number of competing solutions. This paper seeks to develop new models for… read more >


Big Data & Marketing – Beware the Trap!

Embracing the “Big Data” wave before we understand where we’re going may be the biggest mistake that marketers will make since we were told sock puppets would make good company spokesmen. There is a well-worn quote most often attributed to Danish physicist Niels Bohr that says “prediction is difficult, especially about the future”.   But make… read more >

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