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“Go Live” is Just the Beginning

Digital Transformation Requires a New Approach to Technology Implementation

In this paper, Jill Finger Gibson explains why it’s essential to rethink  traditional approaches when it comes to customer experience (CX) technology implementations. Organizations must learn to look beyond “go live”  to achieve sustainable digital transformation. This new mindset will also put them in a stronger position to meet the always-evolving demand for great customer experience,

New CX technologies – such as content management systems, marketing automation, customer relationship management solutions, and e-commerce platforms – are often critical underpinnings of an organization’s digital transformation. But they do not, themselves, constitute digital transformation. Digital transformation is not a project, a program, a platform, or even an initiative. It’s a long-term process that is driven by thoughtful, strategic introduction of digital technologies and practices to achieve business goals and objectives.  If digital transformation is not a project with a defined start and end, implementation of technology solutions that enable transformation shouldn’t be executed with a “one and done” mentality. Effective, sustainable transformation requires the care and feeding of CX solutions over time.

Download the paper to learn more about this post-implementation reality and its  implications for choosing a digital partner. Organizations must look beyond the design, development, and deployment capabilities that are essential for implementation — but insufficient for sustainable digital transformation.

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