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Business Process Management

Digital Clarity Group Business Process Management

BPM DiagramBusiness process management (BPM) is the planned, methodical approach to making an organization’s processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to the constantly evolving demands of business in the 21st Century.

Digital Clarity Group covers the discipline of Business Process Management as well as the market of enterprise, integrated BPM Suites.

“All too often BPM is positioned as a way to achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. While this is important and can deliver substantial benefits, business processes must always start with a customer—who usually needs and expects much more than efficiency and effectiveness. When firms focus on their customers’ expectations and try to delight customers by building great experiences into the entire end-to-end process, the business is transformed. Whether firms start with the inside process and work toward the outside, or flip it around and start with the outside process and work toward the inside, truly great business results are driven by an outside/inside approach.” – Connie Moore

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