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VIDEO: Why the Digital Services Ecosystem Needs Partner Finder

Digital Clarity Group CEO Scott Liewehr chats with CMS Connected tech report Laura Myers about Partner Finder, the marketplace for organizations seeking best-fit digital services partners for their customer experience initiatives.

In this video interview, Scott explains why it’s hard to find a best-fit partner from among the thousands of agencies and integrators in the digital space. Buyers of services don’t have ready access to insights about which firms are really good with certain types of projects. Recommendations by the technology vendor can be biased in ways that benefit the partner or the vendor — and not the buyer. For agencies, posting a profile in Partner Finder helps them differentiate their sweet-spot services and showcase their successes.

Profiles will soon include voice-of-the-customer feedback on partner performance with real-world projects, captured through DCG’s unique VOCalis customer satisfaction assessment program.

Visit Partner Finder to search for the right partner for your next digital experience project. Related DCG research include our Brief on Assessing and Evaluation Digital Partners and this post on great working relationships with digital partners. Contact us with your questions about selecting the right partner for your next customer experience initiative.


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