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Preparing for the Holiday Retail Season: The Amazon Threat and the Facebook Trap

Will it be “Ho, Ho, Ho” or “Oh, no, no” for retailers the 2016 holiday retail season? While holiday retail season is as important as ever – accounting for over 30% of annual revenue for some retailers – it’s getting ever harder to master, given the combination of budget constraints, tired infrastructures, changing consumer expectations,… read more >

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A Brand Manufacturer’s Guide to Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce

Once upon a time, the lines between manufacturers and retailers were clear. Manufacturers made widgets, retailers bought large amounts of said widgets, and consumers bought widgets at stores. There were exceptions to this model – the first Niketown, for one, opened in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. However, while the advent of online shopping a few… read more >

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Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide

Thinking you need to replatform your existing CMS or ecommerce solution? Before you start gathering requirements and soliciting RFPs from WCM and e-commerce vendors, take a moment and consider how important online sales are for your company’s growth. If the answer is “very,” take a moment or two and consider if there might be a… read more >

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Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Maturity Roadmap and Partner Selection Guide

Getting the customer experience right for crossborder e-commerce is the next challenge for retailers. How the customers engage with the retailer — if they can do it via an elegant and user-friendly web interface, conduct transactions in their own language, pay the way they want to, and get the goods they want in compliance with… read more >

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