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VIDEO: Why the Digital Services Ecosystem Needs Partner Finder

Digital Clarity Group CEO Scott Liewehr chats with CMS Connected tech report Laura Myers about Partner Finder, the marketplace for organizations seeking best-fit digital services partners for their customer experience initiatives. In this video interview, Scott explains why it’s hard to find a best-fit partner from among the thousands of agencies and integrators in the… read more >

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GDPR: The End of Marketing as we Know it?

In this webinar replay, Mary Laplante and Tim Walters discuss the meaning and impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulations which go into effect in May of 2018. During the webinar, Tim Walters provided an overview of this regulation that legislates the capture, use, monitoring, and destruction of personal data about any resident living in a… read more >

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VIDEO: BPM Tips Connie Moore Interview

Connie Moore, Digital Clarity Group’s Head of Research, was recently interviewed by Zbigniew Misiak at BPM Tips. In this not-quite forty minute long video, Connie and Zbigniew discuss various aspects of the fascinating world of Business Process Management. This is part of a series of content intended to promote the upcoming BPM Values Summit, a… read more >

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Content Without Access is Worthless!

These days search might be more aptly referred to as the art and science of “Findability”. Properly implemented, enterprise search creates an easily navigated interface for entering, categorising and retrieving data securely. In this episode of CMS-Connected Scott and Tyler are joined by special guest Lou Jordano, CMO of Attivio, a leading enterprise search solution… read more >

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How Does a CMS Support Omnichannel?

The more channels that emerge for customer engagement, the more omnichannel strategy becomes important, and content is arguably the heart and soul of every strategy. How does a CMS support omnichannel? Scott Liewehr talks it over with Tyler Pyburn on the latest episode of CMS Connected. CMS-Connected is a monthly news and commentary show covering the… read more >

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Scott Liewehr talks GDPR on CMS-Connected

This month on CMS-Connected, Scott Liewehr and Tyler Pyburn discuss the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Digital Clarity Group Co-founder and Principal Analyst Tim Walters has written and spoken extensively on GDPR in recent months. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places significant new and expanded restrictions on the collection, use, storage, sharing, and… read more >

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VIDEO: Managing Content Chaos with Digital Governance

This month on CMS-Connected, Scott Liewehr and Tyler Pyburn welcomed Digital Governance Advisor & Author Lisa Welchman to discuss content chaos and best practice solutions. Lisa began her career in Silicon Valley in 1995, literally writing HTML for Netscape, and was a program manager for Web publishing at Cisco Systems. In 1999, she founded a consultancy… read more >

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VIDEO: Digital Transformation in Higher Education on The CMS Connected Show

In case you missed it, last week Scott Liewehr and Tyler Pyburn discussed Digital Clarity Group’s recent report covering Digital Transformation in Higher Education on The CMS Connected Show. In it, Scott gives a general overview of the research and shares the key findings: DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Delivering an experience – rather than publishing content… read more >


DCG Webinar Recording: Marketo Goes Private With $1.8 B Acquisition By Vista, What Does It All Mean?

On May 31, 2016 Marketo Inc. agreed to be acquired for $1.79 billion by Vista Equity Partners, a move that will take the marketing software and solutions company private. This all cash $1.79B deal for the category leader and sole hold out in a rapidly consolidating marketing automation space will impact its business, customers, and competitors. In this webinar recording, Digital… read more >


DCG Webinar Recording: A new chapter for Sitecore

In this webinar recording, Digital Clarity Group’s Cathy McKnight, VP of Consulting and Operations, and Tim Walters, co-founder and VP of Research, discuss EQT’s recent majority investment in Sitecore. They address questions such as: What’s behind this investment and what does it mean for Sitecore (and Sitecore customers)? Is it an acquisition or a partnership? (Short answer: Both.)… read more >

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