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DCG Sr. Analyst Robert Rose interviewed on

Monday August 19, 2013, New York – Digital Clarity Group Partner and Senior Analyst Robert Rose was recently interviewed for Covering topics from Big Data to social ROI, Robert gave CMO readers insight into how content marketing can be effectively leveraged for increased business success.

As an expert in content marketing, Robert Rose discussed the vital role of customer engagement, saying :

It is easier to create deeper engagement and sell more to an existing customer if that customer starts out engaged with the brand to begin with… if we take the time, the extra time and effort to educate, engage, and make sure that the customer is deeply engaged and educated through the sales process, we may end up only selling them a widget in the beginning, but then it becomes much easier to engage in loyalty, upsell or cross-sell programs because then they’re aware. They know that we’re not just the widget company.

CMO magazine is Adobe’s content site created to provide digital marketing news and insight for senior marketing executives around the globe.

The article was written by Tim Moran, editor in chief at CMO magazine, and can be accessed here.

Click here to read Robert’s blog post, If the CMO is the CIO – We should all say Uh-Oh! 


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