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Transform Insights, Improve Operational Excellence, and Delight Customers with Extended ECM

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Digital content delivers no value to businesses and consumers if it just sits on a shelf—physical or virtual—waiting for someone to find it. But a “shelf” is precisely where much unstructured information remains, robbing businesses of essential insights into their customers and business processes, and blocking key inputs to business decisions and actions.

Connie Moore suggests that using that content in context is where the big pay-off comes when taking it down from the shelf. By extending enterprise content management (ECM) into core business applications, organizations can deliver great customer experiences, bridge their many digital silos, and empower employees. In this paper, Connie outlines three reasons why extended ECM matters. She describes how extended ECM practices enabled Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy, to meet the skyrocketing expectations of a new generation of digital-native consumers who demand 24×7 access information related to their accounts. Connie universalizes this company’s experience to show readers how their organizations have opportunities to turn the unrealized benefits from extended ECM into a tangible reality by integrating content solutions with existing and future business applications.


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