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The Three Graces of the Digital Experience: Redefining the Three Strategic Attributes of Designing, Managing, and Delivering Digital Experiences

Three Graces of Digital Experience

Fifteen years ago, world-renowned marketing professor Philip Kotler published Kotler on Marketing. He concluded the book with a section called “Transformational Marketing,” in which he discussed how the “new age of electronic marketing” would change the field. He predicted a fundamental rethinking of the ways that marketers identify, communicate, and deliver value to customers. As Robert Rose points out in this paper, Kotler’s vision has yet to become reality. Robert notes that practice of marketing must evolve beyond the goal of creating a customer. In fact, the creation of a customer will simply be table stakes for most marketing organizations.  To put it bluntly: marketers must get out of the cycle of chasing campaign-oriented capabilities in every emerging digital channel. Marketing departments themselves must evolve. They must not only describe the value of the product or service for sale through various campaign-focused digital content islands — such as social, mobile, or other channels — but also create differentiated experiential value that is separate and distinct from that product or service, and seamlessly integrate the physical world with the digital one. Robert examines three skill sets that are common to brands that outperform others in this evolution: charming customers with highly orchestrated experiences, deriving beauty from the meaning of data instead of measuring its quantity, and rediscovering the joy of marketing strategy by organizing around agility.

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