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Digital Clarity for Higher Ed

Digital Clarity Group Higher Ed Practice Group

Digital is no stroll through the campus

When it comes to building a thriving digital practice, higher ed faces unique and compelling challenges. Colleges and universities must serve highly diverse audience segments with distinct goals. Mapping the journey for prospective students is incredibly complicated and includes one of the biggest decisions and commitments most individuals will ever make.

Whether addressing prospective students, alumni donors, or the incoming freshmen class, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Yet more and more frequently, audiences base their expectations around digital experience on their interactions with some of the biggest brands (with the biggest budgets) in the world.

Behind the scenes, organizational silos and the decentralized nature of working in higher ed further compound the complexity of what would be a heavy lift for any organization, let alone one that serves the savviest cohort of digital users. It can seem like every decision in academia must be made with a committee, but this approach doesn’t always move at the constantly accelerating speed of digital.

Digital Clarity Group is here to help

It’s been an exciting year for the Digital Clarity Group Higher Education Practice Group. In addition to introducing advisory, consulting, and workshops designed specifically to help schools succeed with digital, we’ve published a number of popular pieces of content. Here are a few highlights:

Although our free content is very helpful, there’s no substitute for on-site workshops and consulting to create value for an individual organization’s particular scenario. In support of this goal, we have created a handful of pre-packaged workshops specifically for higher education:

  • Digital Strategy: The Road to Dynamic Student Experience Management
  • Technology selection for Experience Management in Higher Education
  • Experience Management Masterclass: Engaging the Education  Customer

We can also create a bespoke consulting engagement of any size or provide ongoing advisory services to schools with specialized needs. If you’re interested in a pre-packaged workshop or custom consulting please contact us for more information.

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