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Finding Your Needle in the CMS Haystack: Five Keys to Selecting the Right CMS Technology and Service Partners for Your Organization


March 2014

There are thousands of business technologies on the market, and hundreds of service providers who design and implement solutions for managing web content and customer experience. How do you know which ones are right for your organization?

Finding the ‘best-fit’ content technology and supporting service provider is one of the first and most critical steps on that path to success. In this webinar (slides and video available below), Digital Clarity Group’s Cathy McKnight provides an insightful look at DCG’s proven process for selecting and acquiring business technology and the service provider team implementing it (e.g. Systems Integrator or Interactive Agency). This is a can’t-miss webinar if you’re currently searching for technology to transform your customer experience management initiatives – a Content Management System, Marketing Automation Platform, Customer Relationship Management system, Digital Asset Management — and is designed to give you confidence in the partner choices you make.

Presented by Cathy McKnight, Partner and Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group
Moderated by Mary Laplante, Vice President, Client Services, Digital Clarity Group

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides


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