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The Five Types of Customer Experience Management Service Providers

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When it comes to identifying the right service provider, today’s organizations face a bewildering array of options and a glaring lack of the transparency needed to compare those options.

We estimate there are over 80,000 service providers globally; moreover, the characteristics of each firm can overlap and cover a wide breadth of services. Some providers specialize in one type of service, like strategy consulting, software implementation from a single vendor exclusively, or design and creative services. Others describe themselves as “end-to-end” or “full service” and claim to offer a range of services from ideation to post implementation. Still, others eschew market categorizations altogether as a way of standing out from the crowd, preferring to come up with their own taglines that have no meaning beyond their walls.

Digital Clarity Group offers this report identifying key segments of the service provider landscape, to ease the process of selecting a service provider that has the necessary capability to help you succeed on your next digitally transformative initiative.

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