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Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases

Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases

Is your marketing organization stuck in the past when it comes to the technology that’s essential for modern digitally-driven marketing practices?

In this paper, Robert Rose argues for rethinking the marketing technology that you buy and, just as importantly, how you buy it.

There’s no disputing that consumers have fundamentally evolved the way that they research, browse, shop, and ultimately purchase new products and services. And while consumers have readily adapted to this new landscape, businesses lag behind in their processes to address it.

The reality is that the outside environment is evolving more quickly than our internal infrastructures. Marketers must have capabilities to join, measure, and optimize multiple channels, including email, multiple-owned web channels, mobile apps, social platforms, kiosks, banners, native advertising, and more. They must also do this in the context of understanding the journey the customer is on – and have the ability to improve said journey in real time. Digital platforms simply must have the ability to effect, in a very adaptable fashion, the optimization of any part of the customer journey that evolves as a desired strategy.

But in seeking to address these needs, marketers default to behavior that’s misaligned with them.  First, we keep existing marketing processes and look to implement new marketing technology to facilitate them. Second, we employ the same methods of buying that technology that we’ve had in place for decades. Robert explains how these behaviors are obstacles to marketing evolution and shows you how to evaluate and buy solutions with a new mindset. For more advice on changing your company’s approach, see the companion guide entitled An RFP/Procurement Tool for Today’s Marketer.

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