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“Mid-Size Organizations” Hold the Keys to Success With Customer Experience Management

Mid-Size Organizations Hold the Keys to Success With Customer Experience Management

Consumer expectations do not diminish according to the size of the organization. We all just want a great experience regardless of the size of the organization attempting to engage us. Whether in a B2C or B2B context, we don’t distinguish between massive enterprises and family-owned firms, nor between temporary sites for a product launch and the polished omnichannel experiences of a world wide brand. Competing on the basis of customer experiences seems to place an extra burden on “mid-size organizations”— both midmarket businesses and departmental or otherwise limited projects within larger enterprises. The fact that mid-size organizations typically have fewer resources—in terms of money, skills, people, or time—is invisible to the consumer, who simply compares the quality of one user experience against another.

But if departments and midmarket firms often have fewer resources, at the same time they have unique characteristics that enable them to succeed with customer experience management where enterprises too often fail. In this paper, Tim Walters suggests that mid-size organizations can turn their constrained resources into a competitive advantage by staying tuned to true customer needs, reacting quickly, and maintaining a customer-centric culture exemplified by the leadership. He also explains the role that content and web content management technologies and practices play in getting started.

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