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Press Release: Digital Clarity Group Launches Partner Finder Marketplace to Reduce Risk of Digital Experience Project Failures

Partner Finder Aims to Raise Success Rates for Digital Projects Through Stronger Alignment of Digital Needs and Partner Capabilities

April 4, 2018, New York – Digital Clarity Group, Inc. (DCG) announced the availability of Partner Finder, a new marketplace for organizations seeking best-fit digital services partners for their digital experience initiatives.

Partner Finder connects buyers of digital services with qualified partners. Partner Finder features a search-style interface to a database of profiles of digital agencies, systems integrators, and consultancies that provide technical, creative, and strategy services. Buyers of services can search for partners by criteria such as location, product expertise, competencies, vertical industry, and numerous competencies. Digital partners with premium profiles can reference marquee customers and work samples. Services buyers have access to this rich information in a one-stop resource, saving time and effort with their short-listing process.

“Through our voice-of-the-customer research, we have talked with hundreds of stakeholders about their experiences with providers of digital services. Based on their input, we have determined that approximately one in four projects fails outright or falls short in significant ways,” said Scott Liewehr, Digital Clarity Group CEO.  “Poor performance is often deeply rooted in a fundamental mismatch between the company’s needs for specific customer experience capabilities and the expertise of the partner they chose. Partner Finder reduces risk by helping business leaders identify partners that will enable their success through tight alignment of skills, competencies, and expertise.”

DCG’s voice-of-the-customer (VOC) assessment program, called VOCalis, uses customer feedback to bring transparency to the performance of digital agencies and systems integrators when implementing technology solutions. Users of Partner Finder share their own experiences with a particular partner by taking a VOCalis survey right from their profile within Partner Finder. DCG’s roadmap for Partner Finder will tighten the connection with VOC by enhancing partner profiles with VOCalis scores, a numeric measure that represents the collective experience of other companies that have worked with that agency or integrator.

Liewehr said that the development of Partner Finder is partly motivated by what he describes as digital partner afterthought syndrome, a pattern of organizational behavior that consistently emphasizes technology choices over the selection of a best-fit digital partner. Choosing a partner as an afterthought can lead to cost overruns, project delays, and restarted implementations. “Companies spend up to four times as much on services than on software licenses and subscriptions,” noted Liewehr. “Choosing the right digital partner carries significant financial weight, yet business leaders are only now understanding that engaging the right partner shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be the first consideration for success.”

About Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity Group is a research and advisory firm that helps organizations deliver world-class customer experience through high-performance partnerships with best-fit technology vendors and digital partners. DCG delivers on its mission through its VOCalis customer satisfaction assessment program, its vendor and digital partner selection services, and Partner Finder, a free resource that connects buyers of digital services with qualified digital partners based on key criteria.


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