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Preparation Pays: The Role Technology Buyers Play in Implementation Success

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Having the right technology infrastructure is vital to an organization’s success in today’s digitally enabled world. Technology buyers embarking on a platform selection, whether it be for hardware or software, are spoiled for choice in the variety of products and solutions available from vendors across the globe. Should an organization decide to hire an external service provider, either to help choose that technology or to implement it, there are thousands of digital agencies, systems integrators, and other specialized consultants who offer those services.

Yet despite all these choices, and despite the money and time technology buyers invest in the decision, an astonishingly high number of implementations fall short of success. The Standish Group, a research rm that tracks the state of the software development industry, found in a survey of 50,000 IT projects worldwide that just 29% were considered to be successful; the rest were either “challenged” (52%) or “failed” (19%).

It is Digital Clarity Group’s belief that the success rate should be much higher. To this end, DCG’s new VOCalis research initiative is designed to gather data-driven insight into how and why projects fail, and how the three key participants in any given project – the customer, the technology vendor, and the service provider – can avoid
these failures.

In 2016, DCG has interviewed a wide range of sponsors of enterprise IT projects in North America and Europe. These interviews add to our knowledge base gained from conducting scores of technology selections for buy-side clients over the last few years. Our analysis of these results is yielding themes around common pain points and pitfalls in these projects.

In this free report, Digital Clarity Group shares early trends and analysis emerging from the data collected in the VOCalis study. If you’re interested in learning more about how VOCalis can improve the success rate on your technology projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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