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DCG research and articles about: best-of-breed

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How Customer Experience Management Changes the “Suite vs. Separate” Debate

The debate over suite versus best-of-breed solutions has raged since the introduction of enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites in the early 1990s, pitting integration and consistency against functionality and innovation – at least according to the classical terms of the dispute. Highlights: Suite versus best of breed: A timeless debate revisited Understanding and meeting the… read more >


Microsoft Validates E2.0 And Breaks NewsGator’s Heart

Life in the SharePoint partner ecosystem is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Microsoft cleverly slips SharePoint into enterprises via MS Office-addicted knowledge workers. It spreads faster than orders for tomato juice on a trans-Atlantic flight, and by the time the CIO and the CFO wake up, the hook has been set.  According to… read more >

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