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Dell Buys EMC: A Sweet Dream or October Nightmare?

Technology and market research analysts who track the enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), case management, and information governance spaces awakened to a huge surprise last week—Dell was making overtures to buy EMC and EMC was just fine with that outcome.  Really??!! This was a head snapping, attention grabbing news item if there… read more >

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The Future of Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Ever wonder why the business process management (BPM) software market is so small? And more importantly, will it ever grow up? Or is BPM software perpetually stuck in the role of  a small pup instead of running with the big dogs, like analytics, collaboration and content? According to Market Reports Hub, the BPM market will… read more >

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Tackle Complex Processes With Dynamic BPM Suites and Business-Ready Apps

Here’s an important question: Is your firm thinking of investing in business process management (BPM) software to gain greater efficiency from automating high throughput, transaction-intensive business processes?  If so, it’s time to think again. That’s because the current best practice in BPM software is to target high volume, repeatable, people-less processes and business processes at… read more >

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Appian’s BPM Software Vision – Crazy Like A Fox

This week I’m attending Appian World in Washington DC. It’s always been an interesting conference for showcasing thought leadership in BPM technology and providing thought-provoking customer presentations. For example, Appian is probably the first BPM software vendor to demonstrate an integration with the Apple Watch. At the 2015 event there’s been a strong focus on… read more >

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How does Apple avoid disruption? (And what does it mean for CEM?)

[In a few hours, Apple will report earnings for the calendar year Q1 (Q2 of their fiscal year 2015).  The numbers will not exceed the record-breaking previous holiday quarter, but analysts are predicting solid returns. There are even some signs that Wall Street’s on-going and obstinate blindness to what makes Apple tick (tock) is on the… read more >


Apple Watch and a new kind of “systems integration” for CEM

In a recent piece on his Asymco blog, Horace Dediu tackles the question of how to predict what category Apple might enter next. (Specifically, whether they will build a car.) However, I think the piece exposes some essential but overlooked elements of customer experience management. It ought to be required reading for anyone involved with… read more >

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Great Customer Experience: You know it when you see it

Not too long ago, my son and I went for a drive. Boom! We were suddenly rear-ended by a runaway Mini that plowed into my SUV. Dumb move for the Mini, but no one was hurt and there was minimal damage. Dealing with the other guy’s insurer after a crash? Don’t get your hopes up… read more >


Why I joined Digital Clarity Group: When digital and personal disruption collide

After a two-year hiatus from the world of work I’m back at it again, having just joined Digital Clarity Group as senior vice president, research. (Here’s the bio.) You may be wondering, why now? And why DCG?  Good questions. Why now? The “why now” is easy. I left the workforce in January 2013 because of a… read more >

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