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Concept of business loop with running businessman

Use Entity Modeling to Streamline Business Process Design and Development

Over the past 10-15 years, organizations have made great strides in business process improvement by adopting business process management (BPM) suites as part of business transformation efforts. Why the great improvement? It’s because BPM suites separate business and process rules from the application code, making it easier and faster for business analysts and developers to… read more >

Silver apple

How does Apple avoid disruption? (And what does it mean for CEM?)

[In a few hours, Apple will report earnings for the calendar year Q1 (Q2 of their fiscal year 2015).  The numbers will not exceed the record-breaking previous holiday quarter, but analysts are predicting solid returns. There are even some signs that Wall Street’s on-going and obstinate blindness to what makes Apple tick (tock) is on the… read more >


Apple Watch and a new kind of “systems integration” for CEM

In a recent piece on his Asymco blog, Horace Dediu tackles the question of how to predict what category Apple might enter next. (Specifically, whether they will build a car.) However, I think the piece exposes some essential but overlooked elements of customer experience management. It ought to be required reading for anyone involved with… read more >

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