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DCG research and articles about: business process management

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Use Entity Modeling to Streamline Business Process Design and Development

Over the past 10-15 years, organizations have made great strides in business process improvement by adopting business process management (BPM) suites as part of business transformation efforts. Why the great improvement? It’s because BPM suites separate business and process rules from the application code, making it easier and faster for business analysts and developers to… read more >

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Use Entity Modeling for Simplified Application Development During Business Process Automation

Over the past decade, business process management (BPM) suites have made huge strides in automation by applying a simple concept – separating business and process rules from application code. With this approach, BPM software has streamlined and accelerated the deployment of business processes, providing a significant improvement over the traditional ways developers embed process and… read more >

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The Business Transformation Elephant – It’s Not What You Think

This week I’ve spent a lot of time with business process leaders who are chartered with making Business Transformation a reality in their organizations. These individuals are largely C-level executives and vice presidents who work in a number of process improvement and operational excellence roles, as well as lines of business leaders. This dialog occurred… read more >


Appian World

May 11-13, 2016. Washington, D.C., USA. Analysts attending: Connie Moore Event website: Appian World read more >

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Business Process Management: An Emerging Core Competency for Customer Experience Management

Drawing upon several years of ongoing research, Digital Clarity Group has identified the ten core competencies that every organization needs to deliver world-class customer experience. The competencies serve as a framework for assessing the capabilities you have within your organization, and then identifying what’s missing. Armed with knowledge about your competency gaps, you can seek out… read more >


Rethinking BPM in the Age of the Digital Customer

March 17, 2016. Online webinar. Rethinking BPM in the Age of the Digital Customer by Connie Moore read more >

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The Future of Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Ever wonder why the business process management (BPM) software market is so small? And more importantly, will it ever grow up? Or is BPM software perpetually stuck in the role of  a small pup instead of running with the big dogs, like analytics, collaboration and content? According to Market Reports Hub, the BPM market will… read more >

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Tackle Complex Processes With Dynamic BPM Suites and Business-Ready Apps

Here’s an important question: Is your firm thinking of investing in business process management (BPM) software to gain greater efficiency from automating high throughput, transaction-intensive business processes?  If so, it’s time to think again. That’s because the current best practice in BPM software is to target high volume, repeatable, people-less processes and business processes at… read more >

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