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Content and Commerce Integration: Welcome To The Machine

At Digital Clarity Group we’ve been closely tracking developments in content and commerce, and there are signs that these two formerly separate worlds are connecting in multiple ways: WCM software vendors are expanding into e-commerce products and solutions (e.g. Sitecore Commerce and Episerver Digital Commerce) WCM and e-commerce vendors are forging strategic alliances (e.g.  Magento and Acquia) Digital… read more >

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Contextual Commerce Is Coming, But Will Consumers Care?

In this Insight Brief Jill Finger Gibson takes a look at the trends and shares insights on the state of the art with Contextual Commerce. In it, Jill breaks down the differences between Traditional and Contextual, explores the impact of social, and unpacks the key challenges.

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Why Bots Should Matter To Customer Experience Professionals

Bots may already be old news for you if you are an investor or tech professional in Silicon Valley, where from what I hear they have already been a hot topic for at least the last year. The numbers bear this out: according to CB Insights, artificial intelligence start-ups (of which bots are a portion) raised… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Contextual Commerce: Will A Bot Be Your Next New Facebook Friend?

A few years ago, when Facebook had a mere 500 million active users, it was betting on those users’ desire for breeding virtual pigs and building imaginary cities would evolve into a major revenue stream. However, revenues via FarmVille, CityVille and other online games did not pan out as expected (not helped by the precipitous rise and fall of… read more >

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