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Are Tech Firms Taking Over Digital Agencies and Madison Avenue?

With the explosion of digital initiatives over the past couple of years the worlds of advertising, marketing and technology have been on an undeniable collision course. Creative strategies that would once have taken months to execute are now live and kicking within seconds. Publishing technology has been overhauled and democratized, lucrative advertising brokerages are being… read more >


Avoid Disaster with Better Agency Partner Selection

Digital Clarity Group explores the topic of avoiding a digital transformation disaster with better agency partner selection.

Digital Clarity Group

Naked & Afraid IT Projects

In the hit reality TV show Naked and Afraid a man and woman who have never met in their lives before are taken to a remote and dangerous location, the jungles of Borneo, or the rain forest of the Amazon. Once there they strip off all their clothes and head off, barefoot together into the… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

The ‘employee customer’ experience

Last week in New Orleans I hosted a roundtable at AIIM16, the long running annual technology conference focused on information management. My session was entitled ‘Improving the Customer Experience’, and frankly I expected a sparse turnout as CX is not normally thought of as high on the back office IT agenda. Hence, we arranged only… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Who really owns the partner channel?

Historically, technology vendors have had ‘reseller’ channels, the sole purpose of which being to sell as quickly as possible as many licenses as possible for the vendor. As such, the vendor has long measured success solely on the basis of revenue generated by a particular channel partner. Quite simply, the technology vendor hopes that the… read more >

Best Buy ditches the Agency of Record Model

World of Service Providers, June 2015

Each month, we put together a topical list of new & noteworthy happenings in the world of Service Providers. Look for information about digital agencies, creative shops, systems integrators, consulting firms, and everything in between. Here’s what’s been happening in the World of Service Providers – and why it matters –  for the month of June,… read more >


Ad Tech is an opportunity for agencies. . . if they move fast enough

Last week, Ad Age published a guest column by Bob Ray, “Ad Tech Isn’t a Threat to Agencies, It’s an Opportunity.” While I agree with this title and most of the article’s content, I have to ask, “What took you [the agency industry] so long?!”  It’s hard to avoid the notion that ad tech is… read more >

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The consumerization of agency services

For many marketing executives in the mid-market, digital disruption is the “Justin Bieber” of business: popular enough that they have to pay attention – but annoying enough that they wish they didn’t have to. One CMO at a large publishing company told me recently, “I know we’re supposed to innovate and create this technology-driven change,… read more >

The 2014 North American Edition of the Guide to Service Providers for eb Content and Customer Experience Management

Announcing the new Guide to Service Providers for WCM and CEM 2014 North American edition

Customer Experience Management – It’s a big deal. And it’s important. That’s why we’ve created the Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management – the 2014 North American update to research originally published in 2013. Service providers are an integral part of any CEM implementation. So integral, in fact, that without… read more >

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Beyond Quadrants and Waves: Assessing Service Provider Approaches to Customer Experience

At Digital Clarity Group, we are often asked whether we compare the companies we cover against each other, using ratings, rankings, or other comparison measures. When we answer “absolutely not,” reactions tend to range from relief to head-shaking disappointment, sometimes paradoxically within the same person. This goes to show how immensely powerful such ratings have… read more >

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