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CMO Insight Summit

Meet Jake DiMare and Mary Laplante at the CMO Insight Summit, hosted by GDS Group. Jake and Mary moderate a round table on messaging through storytelling, and Jake delivers a workshop session on marketing for the Internet of Things. Digital Clarity Group is the designated analyst partner for this and other GDS Summits.

This event is designed for senior marketing executives and business leaders from across North America. The agenda is organized around three key themes:getting ahead of the curve with an effective digital strategy; delivering a seamless and cohesive brand experience across traditional and digital channels; and driving results through effective storytelling. Executives from GE, Starbucks, Marriott, WalMart, and  American Express are among the global brands attending the Summit.

Contact us to inquire about an invitation, or to arrange a time to meet with Mary and Jake.

Webinar: What Higher Ed Marketers Need to Know About Engaging Education Customers

2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

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Digital Clarity Group’s research on Digital Transformation in Higher Education indicates that many institutions of higher education lack real insight into the needs and desires of education customers. Findings show that little user research is being gathered and synthesized. Where analytics tools are available, little insight is being extracted from them, neither for engagement nor for prioritizing content management activities.  How can higher ed marketers and web teams get started with closing this critical knowledge gap?

In this webinar,  Mary Laplante reviews the research and shows how personas, journey maps, and journey mapping workshops can help institutions advance digital transformation. They are keys to developing a deeper understanding of education customers and to engaging them with compelling experiences. Attendees will learn how these proven tools can also bring digital stakeholders together and foster a customer-centric mindset.

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Microsoft & Adobe Get Serious

Today Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Adobe making Azure the primary cloud platform for Adobe while integrating Marketing Cloud with Dynamics365, its combined CRM/ERP solution. It’s all too easy to dismiss partnerships as little more than marketing ploys. For example, Oracle announced a ‘major’ partnership with Salesforce a couple of years back, and this… read more >

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Marketers are still drowning in big data

Last week Scott Liewehr and I joined more than sixty leaders representing some of the most respected globally-recognized brands along with a group of marketing technology vendors and implementation service providers for the CMO Digital US Summit. Held at the stunning Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, this premier event focused on helping brands get ahead… read more >


GDS Digital Marketing Leaders Summit

August 29-31, 2016. San Deigo, CA USA Analyst speaking: Scott Liewehr Event website: GDS NG  Digital Marketing Leaders Summit read more >


What Does “The medium is the message” Mean for Customer Experience?

It’s just five simple words. The medium is the message. Most of us send dozens of messages every day, in email, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS. And we all know that, along with TV, radio, theater, and print, those are all examples of media. After that, all that remains in the medium is the message is… read more >


Adobe Acquires Livefyre to Extend Marketing Cloud

Livefyre is planned to be part of AEM and integrated into Adobe Marketing Cloud to make UGC available across all eight digital marketing solutions. Thousands of brands worldwide including two-thirds of Fortune 50 companies rely on Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe claims. “The addition of Livefyre will enable customers to increase their content velocity across AEM… read more >

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Google Analytics 360 – A Shot Across The Advertising Bows

Though Google has long had a foot in the door of digital marketing though its market dominating Google Analytics service, it has been slow to provide enterprise offerings beyond that. This week though the firm announced the launch of Google Analytics 360: a bundling of its tag management, analytics, data studio (an application of BigQuery),… read more >

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The Marketing Transformation: From Managing Campaigns to Orchestrating Experiences

Today’s consumers have long moved on from just accepting a glut of content noise from companies trying to attract their attention.  They respond to contextual customer experiences — the merging of digital content, interfaces, technology and even physical spaces. Have marketing practices kept pace with changing consumer desires and values? No, says Robert Rose.  The… read more >

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Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases

Is your marketing organization stuck in the past when it comes to the technology that’s essential for modern digitally-driven marketing practices? In this paper, Robert Rose argues for rethinking the marketing technology that you buy and, just as importantly, how you buy it. There’s no disputing that consumers have fundamentally evolved the way that they… read more >

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