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Transforming the Channel – The Cisco Way

This past week I spent time with new CEO Chuck Robbins and SVP of the Global Partner Organization Wendy Bahr at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego. What I wanted to learn about was how Cisco is shifting its channel to embrace digital transformation opportunities. Specifically, how they are shifting the channel from a… read more >

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Back to the Future — Of Technical Documentation Content

Digitally empowered consumers and the subsequent imperative for customer experience management have profound implications for technical writers and other documentation professionals. Next week, I have the pleasure of taking part in SDL’s event in London on the Future of Technical Documentation. In my presentation, I’ll first review how the forces of digital disruption (especially mobile… read more >


Can documentation practices make the world safe for CEM?

To mark the publication of a new Digital Clarity Group Insight Paper, “The New Role for Documentation in the Era of Customer Experience Management,” consider this historical tale. Although we now date the early 15th-century as the dawn of the Renaissance, Europe at the time was still more medieval than modern… read more >

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DAM essential to customer journey

Content is an essential element to today’s marketer. A study by the CMO Council on B2B Content Marketing reports that the most important characteristics of valuable content are the breadth and depth of the information (47%), ease of access, understanding and readability (44%) and originality of thinking and ideas (39%). CMI research shows that 86% of B2C… read more >


Will you survive Business 2020? And can the enterprise strike back?

For some people (including, often, me), the year 2020 still represents a remote, science-fiction future, with flying cars, space colonies, and robotic cops. But of course, 2020 is now barely five years away. It is closer to us today than the introduction of the web-enabled smartphone. Extraordinary – and at one time unimaginable – transformations… read more >

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Business 2020: Six Key Dynamics Will Determine Success

The few years since the introduction of the smartphone have brought unprecedented and unforeseen change to the business environment in nearly every company. Technology innovations such as mobile computing, analytics, cloud, and social platforms have empowered consumers in both B2C and B2B contexts, and fundamentally inverted the relationship between buyers and sellers. Looking forward to the business environment in… read more >

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Home sweet CEM home

Customer experience management (CEM) is quickly becoming a primary focus for companies looking to garner, gain, and keep market share. What many of these organizations are missing is the value of beginning their CEM strategy at home, with their employees. New research from Aon Hewitt suggests that employee engagement levels and employee perceptions of their… read more >


Principles of Holistic Information Governance – An Introduction

On March 20th of this year I wrote my first blog post as a member of Digital Clarity Group. In that post I mentioned the Principles of Holistic Information Governance (PHIGs) and how Information Governance and Customer Experience Management are inextricably linked. This post serves as an introduction to the PHIGs. In subsequent posts and… read more >

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Blindness and Insight: Ignore the CEM Imperative At Your Peril

Our latest Insight Paper, The CEM Imperative: Customer Experience in the Age of the Empowered Consumer, establishes that customer experience management is no longer an option, a nice-to-have, or a remote step in the five year strategic plan. On the contrary, the mobile and social empowerment of consumers makes CEM an inescapable, compulsory, and essential… read more >


Digital Pulse Summit 2013: Highlights

Digital Clarity Group hosted the first-ever Digital Pulse Summit in Boston on October 16 – 17. Business leaders, digital marketers, customer experience champions, content marketing strategists, IT professionals, and marketing technologists came together for two days of workshops, inspirational keynotes, focused sessions and networking. Conference attendees sought a greater knowledge and understanding of the digital… read more >

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